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A Second Look at Silver Jewelry

This is a repeat recommendation from my very first post because I went ahead and ordered this for myself after many months and I have to sing its praises having seen it in person. I said that I would buy it for myself and now that I finally have, I know it would make a great gift for anyone who loves “dressing up.”

Gentlemen, if you really want to impress your lady, you need to give her a unique accessory that shows her how special you think she is and I’m recommending this handcrafted silver jewelry from Tikanchay. I am so impressed when I find something that looks as good in my hand as it looks on the website photo. Here’s a link to their entire page of handcrafted silver bracelets. I don’t mind if you never admit that you heard it from me. Go ahead and take the credit for choosing it yourself. I think that no outfit is complete without a piece of jewelry, and since this silver opal bracelet compliments most of my wardrobe, I’m confident it’s a terrific find. It is made out of Peruvian opal and 950 sterling silver beads that tantalize with their movement, making this unique bracelet a fun piece that’s also elegant. Don’t worry about whether she’s a big fan of bracelets, this one is so feminine that it’s a compliment to receive, especially with this added bonus: opal is reputed to bring serenity to the person who wears it. You’ll love the thanks you receive for choosing such a unique jewelry gift.

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