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Wireless Headphones: Great Gift for Men

Grace: Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday for women, although it may be difficult to remember.  Actually, in Japan women give men they’re interested in chocolate on February 14th, and then a month later, if the man feels the same, he gives her chocolate back.

However, if you feel like participating in a more traditional Valentine’s Day, a great gift for a guy are these bluetooth stereo headphones.  They cancel ambient sound AND they connect wirelessly, which is always a plus.  I’ve tripped over the chord to my headphones way too many times, so I think anyone would love to receive chordless headphones.  This is a great gift for any guy, regardless if he loves listening to music (although that would be a plus).

Pearl Earrings for a Valentine

Grace: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  I hope everyone is thinking long and hard about what gifts to get!  The problem I always have when looking for Valentine’s Day gifts is trying to find something unique and special.

If you’re looking for a classic yet unique gift this season, I would highly recomend some pearl earrings.  I love pearl earrings because they’re so classic and go with EVERYTHING (really, everything) but they can be a little boring sometimes and there’s really no need to own more than one pair if they’re just going to look the same.  Pearls always make a great valentine’s day gift, but what makes these earrings unique is that they were made by Peruvian artisans.  The triple drop and the handcrafted silver earring stud makes these earrings completely unlike any I have seen.  This site makes a whole bunch of sterling silver jewelry, so don’t feel confined to just pearl earrings!

A Karaoke Gift

Grace: As most of you know, karaoke is very popular in Japan and other parts of Asia.  A lot of my Asian friends back home are OBSESSED with it, but I promised myself I would never ever go karaoke.  To my surprise, it turned out to be really fun, and although it’s not something I plan on doing every weekend, I can see why people love it so much.

That being said, if you know someone who loves karaoke and just can’t get enough of it, I found the perfect gift for you.  Known as the Ikaraoke for Ipods, this little device is a great gift for social events, provided the person enjoys karaoke.  It’s far more compact than a karaoke machine, and since you can just plug it into your iPod, you don’t have to worry about not being able to find songs that you like.  Ikaraoke removes the lead vocals so that you can enjoy the karaoke parlor experience without having to pay the devistatingly expensive fee at the end.

Gift for Kids (or yourself…)

Grace: Even though I’m a college student, I still love being a kid.  That being said, I love giving kids gifts that I too can enjoy.  My grandfather actually used to give my dad gifts that he would play with later, so I guess this sentiment runs in the family.  One great gift for kids that I would love to give/get is a Marshmallow shooter.  It sounds really silly, but when you think about it, shooting marshmallows at people sounds really fun and tasty!

This is a great gift for a fun loving family or for your silly friends.  The only problems I can think of are that the marshmallows might stick together, possibly making loading or shooting the shooter a bit messy, and you might find marshmallows weeks after playing with it.  There is no better combination that food and toys!

Basket Weave Sterling Silver Cuff

Grace: Hello all!  Sorry for the lack of posts; I’m in Japan right now, studying abroad, and it’s a lot of fun!  Dan is also studying abroad but is without an internet connection, so I’ll be all by myself for a while.  It’s taken a while to get settled, but I’m finally comfortable and ready to start posting again!

Although the big holiday season is now over, there’s still Valentine’s Day to start thinking of!  I love chocolate, but receiving a big fluffy bear and roses and chocolate is a little overrated.  This time, why not try some handcrafted sterling silver jewelry?  The great thing about this site is that the jewelry is always unique.  I especially love their sterling silver bracelets.  I’ve never really been a fan of bracelets, but I love their silver cuffs.  Always elegant, they seem to go with everything.  One that really caught my eye was the Basket Weave Sterling Cuff.  This would be a great gift for a sophisticated woman.  Not to mention, it’s currently 25% off (until January 15th), so now would be a great time to get one!