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A Subscription For Each Of Us

An easy gift to give that will not run out fast is a magazine subscription. While personable, the present still doesn’t require you to know a whole lot about the person. If you are giving a gift to someone who is pregnant or recently had a child, a parenting magazine is perfect. They offer great tips that are sure to come in handy for anxious first time parents. They often also offer fun and creative projects to do at home. Good House Keeping is another great magazine that most women can’t resist. Subscriptions are a great idea for guys too. Simply select a magazine around their general interests such as Sports Illustrated or ESPN. Even if your guy isn’t into sports, a car or electronic magazine will generally do the trick. No matter what their interest are there is always a magazine geared towards their hobbies, even if they happen to be tattoos and robots. A twelve month subscription is not only inexpensive but will be used and will serve as a constant reminder of your gift. 

    Simply Irresistible Silver Bracelet

      It’s safe to say that most girls have a rather impressive collection of jewelry. If you have already exhausted all of your jewelry options, a jewelry box is the perfect accessory to give. If you pick the right one it will not only make a great addition to your loved ones house but will also finally create a spot to hold all of their jewelry. It’s easy to find high quality mahogany boxes that will match nearly any décor and will finally organize all of their pieces. A lot of them will even come with a glass top that is easy to have monogrammed and a great way to personalize or add extra thought to a gift. For an added surprise you could always give your friend or family member a head start on filling the box by adding a bracelet or necklace into one of the drawers. The online jewelry company Tikanchay offers high quality inexpensive handcrafted jewelry, that makes the perfect addition. Their simple sterling silver pieces will match any style. Their unique qualities allow the jewelry to be either dressed up or dressed and each silver bracelet is simply irresistible. 

      For Those With The Green Thumb

      While I may not be one, we all know at least one person who spends more time in their garden than their bedroom. Thankfully this addiction makes it easy to shop for. Bulbs are a great gift for anyone who loves to spend the day out in the sun planting. They are not only easy to get and inexpensive but let the person spend time doing what they love. A personalized garden tool set is also sure to be used. There are lots of stores that offer specialty sets with fun patterns and designs. A set with different types of seeds for fruits and vegetables will not only add some color and flavor to their yard but will also help them stock up their fridge. You can also create or buy a set of seeds with different flowers that each represents a different characteristic according to who you are buying for with a brief explanation. Baby’s breath for instance is known to symbolize joy while lavender represents happiness.  If they are simply a plant lover or don’t have any more room in their garden, larger plants for their front step or deck in larger pots will give any house that extra pop.

        Gifts That Will Make You Always Welcome

        When invited over for a dinner or to someone’s house for any occasion you can never show up empty handed. A nice bottle of wine is always perfect to bring and it’s often easy to figure out their favorite type. If you’ve already overdone it with the wine, a wine accessory kit is a great new addition. If wine isn’t appropriate for the gathering, there aren’t many people who could resist dessert. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the cliché chocolate chip cookies either and make something original. Cookbooks also make great presents. After all you can never have too many recipes. There are many specialty books that focus on eating healthy or different styles of food that you can match according to your friend’s personality. You could always create a cookbook of your own using your favorite dishes and maybe even your top-secret recipes. A nice basket with lotion and soap is also something that everyone could use. Lots of stores offer sets of clever lotion sets that smell like margaritas and some of your other favorite drinks.      

          Gifts to Explore

            Any gift that you give says a lot about how well you know a person. When coming up with a present try to think about is happening in the person’s life. For instance if you’re giving a gift for someone entering college the Vera Bradley laptop cases and card and key holders are perfect and almost a necessity. With tons of patterns to choose from there is something for everyone and they are pieces that are sure to be used and loved. Going away to school can also intimidating and being so far away can bring about some definite home sickness.  A great way to combat this is with a photo album filled with pictures of friends and family. Or even if you know someone traveling abroad a camera or journal make great gifts to capture all of those memories. If the person is under 26 they also offer great discounts on train passes that run throughout Europe. It allows you to travel endlessly and explore the countries you would not be able to otherwise experience on a limited budget. 

            Handcrafted Jewelry That’s Worth It

            The best gifts are often times the ones that you get the most use out of and the ones that you are able to enjoy on a day-to-day basis. As much as I would like to think I have places to wear diamonds and fancy gowns, the reality is that chances are they will only make it out of my wardrobe once every few years. This isn’t to say that jewelry doesn’t make a great gift. It is important when you are picking out jewelry for someone that you match their style. A great site that I’ve found and just can’t seem to write enough about is Tikanchay’s handcrafted jewelry. They have something to match any look at any price range. For someone with a more laid back casual day to day style, the woven bracelets offered here are a great way to add a little flair to an outfit without overdoing it. For your other friends and family members they also have stunning handcrafted bracelets and earrings that can be worn at a business office or even for a night out with the girls. Especially when you’re in a working environment where you are limited to a uniform or strict dress code, jewelry is a great way to show off your personal style. The jewelry at Tikanchay is elegant and sleek but has character and originality that makes it one of a kind.

            For the Kid in Everyone

            No matter what your age you are never too young or old to enjoy games of any type. When shopping for a family in particular, games are the perfect way to include everyone. You can never go wrong with board games especially the classics (and some of my personal favorites) like Clue and Scrabble. Other games such as Taboo and Scattergories are also hands on games that allow you to work in teams. One of my favorite games to play with a large group of people has got to be Apples to Apples. The game never has a dull moment and will always fill your house with laughter. When buying for men in particular a nice poker set is something that could last forever and my guess is, be used often. For the more adventurous families outdoor games such as Bocce or Ladder Golf are sure to be a guaranteed hit. Bocce is great not only to bring with you on vacation to the beach but also to play in your own backyard. 

              For The Bookworm In All Of Us

              Whether you are relaxing by the pool, soaking up the summer sun, or keeping warm by the fire in the winter, a good book is the only thing you need. Especially with the growing age of technology books have become more important then ever and will never truly be replaced by any modern technology. Books help you escape from reality without being interrupted by bothersome commercials. They allow you either be swept away in another persons world or feed you new information that you would not have discovered otherwise. When it comes to reading everyone has their guilty pleasure whether it be the seductive romance tales of the past, the page turning suspense stories or the newest novel series. Books are great to give to both men and woman alike. You can give books by a person’s favorite author or I love to give books to my friends and family that I have already read and fallen in love with myself. Then, not only will you know they’ll love it but it becomes a great conversation piece for the next time you all go out. Even if the person you are buying for isn’t an avid reader there are few people who could resist the newest best selling series such as Harry Potter or Twilight. They will not only satisfy your curiosity as far as what all the fuss is about but they make for a fun easy read for adults too. Unique coffee table books make great gifts as well. Just pick up a photography book from their favorite vacation spot or a unique book such as Post Secret, which displays postcards sent in by people from around the world illustrating their deepest secrets. 

                For Movie Nights or Rainy Days

                Regardless of whether or not they admit it each person has at least one television program that they are hooked on and that is a true guilty pleasure. A great gift to give to someone you are close to is their favorite series on DVD. My personal addiction is Greys Anatomy. While I became hooked on the show a few years ago I had never seen the first few seasons until my friend gave them to me for my birthday. I made my way through the first few DVD’s instantly and even to this day love to pull them out on a rainy day and watch them again. Even though some shows offer episodes online it is often times only the most recent ones that are available or you get stuck waiting for hours for it to download in low quality. This gift is great for both men and woman of all ages and is also perfect to give to an entire family. Don’t forget about some of the older shows too. People will love watching reruns of their favorite programs from when they were growing up or will be excited to share them with their kids. 

                  The Gift of Choice

                  No matter how hard you try there are always going to be those few people who are impossible to shop for. Infamous for returning presents or those who never ask for anything for themselves- we all know at least one. Why they may seem somewhat overdone gift certificates are a great solution. If the person you are giving the present to really doesn’t have a need for any more materialistic things, a gift certificate to the movies or a day at the spa is a great way to force them to enjoy some time for themselves. If a spa day is a little out of your budget a card for a manicure and pedicure can always be used. For teenagers an iTunes gift card is perfect and is sure not to last long. If you’re shopping for children and just not sure what toys they already own a card to Build a Bear is a great way to get them involved in their present and allows them to create memories and a stuffed animal that they will love forever. Even if your friend or family member isn’t much of a shopper it is hard to find many who could resist a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts certificate.