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A Unique Twist on a Classic Gift

If you are in search of a gift that cannot just be picked up at any local mall, look no further than Peruvian jewelry. The designs and materials used in Peruvian jewelry set it apart from anything else that you could find. You also never have to worry about the quality of this handcrafted jewelry, as I can personally guarantee that it will only exceed your expectations. Carved gourd bracelets from Peru make the perfect unique gift. The designs include symbols of nature and birds and are entirely handcrafted by those native to Peru. Carving gourd is a tradition that is passed down through generations and requires exceptional skill and artistry. Instead of simply giving another piece of ordinary jewelry this year, give Peruvian jewelry, as it a gift that is sure to stand out and be remembered. A pair of matching gourd earrings is a perfect addition if you are looking for something extra to give in addition to the bracelet. The burnt gourd is accented by sterling silver that creates a look that is sure to capture eyes. 

    Lose Yourself in Reading

    A great gift for someone who loves to read but it always on the go, is the latest kindle. Kindle is the newest wireless reading device that gives you access to thousands of books at your fingertips. Not only is it lightweight and easy for travel but it is also capable of storing up to 1,500 books. It is great to bring on business trips or family vacations, allowing you to bring as many books as you want, while only taking up the room of less than one book. Newspapers are also easily accessible through it as well for a low price. You should also not be intimidated if you are not as technologically skilled, as it is fast and easy to use. Before giving it as a gift you could even always upload a few copies of your favorite books or articles. The kindle is also equipped with an instant dictionary and access to Wikipedia, a luxury that books do not have. Depending on who you are buying it for the added feature of audio books is a perfect addition and great for long car rides or just laying down. 

      A Day to Relax

      With the stress of the upcoming holiday season we could all use a day off to relax. For women in particular, a day at the spa is the perfect way to accomplish this. If you are on a tighter budget a manicure/pedicure is perfect and is sure to come in handy as everyone wants to look their best just in time for the inevitable upcoming family gatherings. A gift to a salon that specializes in hair and facials or massages leaves something for everyone. While men may not like to admit it as much, they too will fall in love with a message. It is perfect however to give to a couple or to your own significant other to enjoy together. If you want to accomplish the same idea but without spending as much you could always create your own stay at home spa day. All you have to do is purchase a basket that they can use again around the house, and fill it with some of your favorite nail polish colors, nail files, lotions and facial scrubs. You could also include a handheld massager, or if it is for your significant other, a gift certificate guaranteeing a free back rub. 

        Gifts to Last Generations

        One of the things I believe that make jewelry stand out the most and differentiates each piece, is its ability to be passed down through generations. In all of my experiences I have found that Peruvian jewelry does just that. The story and history behind each piece of Peruvian jewelry is what adds meaning and uniqueness to a gift, allowing it to touch the lives of families as a whole. The rich culture that is embedded into each piece of handcrafted jewelry through its materials and technique are what set it apart from any other jewelry. For example, the Huayruro seeds that are commonly found in traditional pieces are known by natives to bring good fortune, and the legendary powers of the opal beads are sworn to bring relaxation and peace. It is this power and history that make the opal seed bracelet perfect to give anyone, especially right before the holiday season when stress levels from everyone are sure to peak. Whether it be a romantic gift or simply for a friend, it is hard for anyone to resist the majestic qualities of Peruvian jewelry. 

          Wedding Bells are in the Air

          With wedding season coming to an end, all of the last minute wedding invitations are piling up. An easy gift to give that doesn’t require a lot of time or money is a silver or gold picture frame. Inside of the frame then place a copy of their wedding invitation inside. Not only is this a great present for someone who you do not know as well but it will give them a perfect memory from their wedding and is more unique then simply another picture. People spend a lot of time and money on their invitations so who wouldn’t love a perfect way to show it off. For someone that you are close with, an album with messages from all of the guests is something that is sure to be cherished forever. Find and album with a picture slot and have it engraved especially for the bride and groom. Then during the reception bring it around to close friends and family members and have them fill the book with messages and memories. My cousin recently had this done for her at her wedding and says it is one she would recommend that everyone do at their wedding. 

            A Mouth Watering Treat

            With the holidays coming up, everyone’s sweet tooth seems to be in full gear. After all, who can really resist all of the tempting Halloween goodies or Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts? Keeping this in mind, great presents to give, or receive for that matter, are decorated chocolate and caramel apples. These apples are easy to make or buy; depending on how creative you want to be or how much time you have. You can either stick with the traditional caramel coated apples or dip them in chocolate, or even do both. To be in with the Halloween spirit you can also easily find orange colored chocolate to dip the apples into and then decorate them with dark chocolate drizzles or even with a pumpkin face. Coating them in sprinkles or nuts are also sure to make them mouth watering. Them simply wrap them up using ribbon or sheer bags and they are great to bring as a thank you present or just to show you are thinking about someone.

              A Gift to Sweep You Off Your Feet

              I have always loved the idea of working different materials into jewelry and accessories that are uncommon and outside of the typical gold and silver. While before I had seen this done using bottle caps, straw and other miscellaneous items, my favorite so far though has got to be a collection that uses actual butterfly wings in each of their pieces. The handcrafted jewelry collection is filled with exquisite butterfly wings that are masterfully set within a sterling silver border. This combination of the natural beauty of butterfly wings and the modern feel of the silver create a unique look that cannot be matched. The wings are all-native to Peru and emit a light and airy feel that is sure to enchant you and your loved ones. The delicate feel of the jewelry is the perfect compliment to any outfit and is sure to capture the eyes of all of your friends and family members. The large variety of pieces that are offered make it the perfect gift to give as a set by combining butterfly wing earrings and a bracelet. 

                For Those Kodak Moments

                With the holidays rapidly approaching, a great gift that will not only last years but is sure to come in handy during the inevitable family gatherings, is a camera. With the large and ever growing selection of cameras that are now available, it is easy to find something for anyone and to personalize the gift based off of each persons needs and usages. For instance, as far as my mother is concerned, a camera should be able to take pictures as its primary function and that is it. The new addition of buttons and touch screens only irritate and confuse her. But I am sure we all know at least one person who is a gadget guru and loves being up on all of the latest technology. For them, a touch screen camera with voice controls is perfect. For someone like my sister however, a stylish color and unique design is something that will immediately catch her eye. If the person either just purchased a camera recently or you know they will be getting one soon, camera accessories are a great gift to add. 

                  A Series for Everyone

                  As winter approaches, people are more likely to stay indoors, intimidated by the bitter cold and snow. This being said, DVDs are a perfect way to spend a night in. Thanks to On Demand, movies are now instantly available to us with just the click of a button, leaving a TV series on DVD as the perfect gift to give or receive. With a series, not only will you get hours and hours of entertainment versus the usual hour and a half movie, but once you know what type of shows your friend or family members likes, you can be assured that they will love what you get them. Even if they have a television show that they watch constantly, chances are they haven’t seen it from the beginning, making the first few seasons perfect to get. There are also the shows that you can never watch too many times like Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, and one of my personal favorites, Friends. 

                    For Literature Lovers

                    I must admit that in addition to my jewelry addiction, I am absolutely in love with reading. I simply love James Patterson and his newest release, Trial, was no disappointment. I borrowed it from a friend of mine and managed to finish reading the entire novel in one sitting. Unlike most of his other novels, Trial includes a bit of history. The reader is transported back in time to a small, southern town when lynching is rampant. This realistic piece of fiction is a must read for anyone who is a James Patterson fan. It is not at all what I expected; however, I was pleasantly surprised. I actually paced myself as the novel came to a close because I wanted to savor every last word. I want this book as my own and so will anyone on your shopping list who appreciates fantastic literature.