I am a junior in college studying finance. In my free time I love playing acoustic and bass guitar. Most of the time I am a laid back kind of person and enjoy having fun. Gift ideas have always been something hard for me to conjure up. However, being in a relationship for over 4 years has helped me come up with lots of different and interesting gift ideas. I know gift giving is supposed to be something great; however, lots of people see it as a burden from time to time. Let this blog be a resource for you and me to come up with some great gift ideas that we can all use. Good luck gift giving!


I too am in college, but studying math. I love traveling, and my favourite place to go is Japan. Like Dan, I am also a laid back person, and enjoy playing music. Even though I love to shop, as all women do, coming up with gift ideas for my boyfriend can be a little painful at times. However, if I were to give any advice at gift giving, I am a jewelry connoisseur and collector. I especially love earrings and have a keen eye for unique and fresh styles. Have fun!

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  • Hi.

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    Todd B

    Todd Baylson


  • Erin:


    If you are working on an holiday gift guide this year, I have a great suggstion.

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