A Day to Relax

With the stress of the upcoming holiday season we could all use a day off to relax. For women in particular, a day at the spa is the perfect way to accomplish this. If you are on a tighter budget a manicure/pedicure is perfect and is sure to come in handy as everyone wants to look their best just in time for the inevitable upcoming family gatherings. A gift to a salon that specializes in hair and facials or massages leaves something for everyone. While men may not like to admit it as much, they too will fall in love with a message. It is perfect however to give to a couple or to your own significant other to enjoy together. If you want to accomplish the same idea but without spending as much you could always create your own stay at home spa day. All you have to do is purchase a basket that they can use again around the house, and fill it with some of your favorite nail polish colors, nail files, lotions and facial scrubs. You could also include a handheld massager, or if it is for your significant other, a gift certificate guaranteeing a free back rub. 

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