A Gift for New Moms

As a mom who is wishing on a star for grandchildren, one of my favorite gifts to give a mother-to-be is a basket filled with all the books that became childhood favorites for my girls. The classics “Good Night Moon”, “Love You Forever” and “The Hungry Caterpillar” are just three of the many well-read books that became bedtime rituals in our home. It’s amazing how many times a child wants to hear the same story over again. No matter that as the reader one wishes for a reprieve from the repetitiveness, as time passes the memory becomes dearer. I realize what a new mother has to look forward to, and my great wish is to hold out my arms and say, “Here, look! You don’t know it yet but these are books you will cherish – memories you will build with your child on your lap as you whisper, “I’ll love you forever.”

For a bigger basket:

The Napping House

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

On the Day You Were Born


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