A Gift to Occupy

Dan: Both myself and Grace are going on study abroad trips soon and my flights are going to be very long.  My first on New Years goes from JFK in New York direct to Hong Kong (roughly 20 hours), and then we are switching with a 3 hour lay-over to a flight going to New Zealand from Hong Kong which will be over 5 hours.  With all of this free time I do not know what I am going to do with myself.

My iPod will run out of battery, and my friends and I can only play so many card games in a row, so I’ll need something to keep me busy for sure.  A great gift, would be a book!  Books can be really personal because it shows that you know what the other person enjoys to read.  Books are also a sophisticated and often times expensive gift.  It is scary to think of the day that books won’t exist with all of the technological advances society is experiencing.  So, I recommend books for a holiday gift or just any occasion, books are an excellent choice!

Grace: Books have always been my favorite gifts to receive (and give)!  You can never go wrong with a good book, and it’s always a great way to introduce people to things you love.  Many of my favorite books are ones that people have recommended to me.  If you don’t know what kind of book to get someone, a gift card to a bookstore is also a great idea.  Although I’m normally not a fan of gift cards, I never complain when I get ones to bookstores.

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