A Little Gift with Big Meaning

If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy gift to give to a loved one, you have plenty of options available to you; particularly if they are as much of a bookworm as I am. Even those who only pick up the occasional book could use a bookmark. Instead of turning to scraps of paper to hold your spot or folding up the book itself, a bookmark is a great alternative that is not only effective but that adds style and some fun as well. You can find bookmarks ranging anywhere from classic sterling silver ones, to magnetic ones filled with vibrant designs. It is a simple gift to give regardless of the person’s age, sex or interests that will keep you on a low budget. You could also always select your favorite book and wrap it up along with the bookmark. If you are interested in poetry or short stories, select your favorite page or something that expresses a message that you want to share with your loved one. It is a gift that is ultimately not only useful but that will show how much you care without spending a fortune. 

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