The Gift of Health

Dan: Today, everyone is so busy running around doing errands and trying to make a living that other things such as your health significantly suffer.  I suggest, that if you know someone who is constantly busy and continually stressed to give them a gift this coming holiday season that reminds them to be healthy.

There are so many great books out there that provide endless well-being tips.  Everything from proper exercise techniques, healthy eating, and stress reduction activities such as yoga.  A great place to look for a large selection of these types of books are internet retailers such as Amazon or your local Barnes & Noble.  I do not suggest going to a Borders because they have a poor selection given their brink of bankruptcy situation.  Nothing is more important than one’s health, make that known with a gift this holiday season!

Grace: This is a really great gift idea but for the right kind of person.  You don’t want to accidentally insult anyone by giving them a health book.  However, if you feel confident that you won’t insult the recepient, this can be a great gift.  A lot of these books are really funny and really interesting, which makes them a great read.  For example, before I went off to college, one of my friends bought me this book called The Little Book of Stress.  It’s a really funny book that “teaches” you how to induce stress in your own life and others, and in the process, calms you down just because it’s so ridiculous.  I would definitely recommend a gift like this, but be sure to err on the side of caution.

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