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Bottle of Red, Bottle of White

I’m not much of a drinker but I do appreciate a really good glass of wine.  It all started when one of my college friends invited my husband and me to her wedding, hosted by her well-to-do and generous dad at the Pierre Hotel in NYC.  We drank white wine and found ourselves refilling our glasses so many times it was a lucky thing we walked home to our hotel – me with my summer sandals dangling from one finger!  When I called her after her honeymoon to ask her to find out the name of the wine because we had enjoyed it so much, she got back to me with the description, “Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuisse, Premier Cru” which meant nothing to me until I went to buy it at our local wine shop.  Needless to say, considering the price and how much we had imbibed at the wedding I wondered if I shouldn’t be sending a check along to her Dad for his hospitality!  I’ve been grateful though ever since for being introduced to the pleasure of really good wine and so I recommend it highly as a very special gift for anyone with an appreciation for the finer things in life.  Some of my favorites: Conundrum which you can read about here; Hess Cabernet Sauvignon which you can read about here; and of course the one that started it all: Salud!

A Day to Relax

With the stress of the upcoming holiday season we could all use a day off to relax. For women in particular, a day at the spa is the perfect way to accomplish this. If you are on a tighter budget a manicure/pedicure is perfect and is sure to come in handy as everyone wants to look their best just in time for the inevitable upcoming family gatherings. A gift to a salon that specializes in hair and facials or massages leaves something for everyone. While men may not like to admit it as much, they too will fall in love with a message. It is perfect however to give to a couple or to your own significant other to enjoy together. If you want to accomplish the same idea but without spending as much you could always create your own stay at home spa day. All you have to do is purchase a basket that they can use again around the house, and fill it with some of your favorite nail polish colors, nail files, lotions and facial scrubs. You could also include a handheld massager, or if it is for your significant other, a gift certificate guaranteeing a free back rub. 


    Dan: When I was a little kid I had the displeasure (or pleasure) of watch a Ren and Stimpy cartoon on Nick at Night where Ren became infatuated with a bar of soap.  He would carry it around, use it, bring it into outer space, and even eat it!  Here at school, due to handy storage, I use plain old old spice body wash, but luxury soaps can make a great and clean gift.

    I found an Etsy store that has every kind of artistic and handmade soap that you can thing of.  Each of their soaps has their own special property based upon the way that they look, or upon what they do for you.  For example, one type of soap they sell, known as the bath bomb, is shaped like a tennis ball but smells like coconut and fizzes when you use it.  They even have a soaps that smell like an ocean breeze or are shaped like cupcakes.  I don’t know, but when I get home over the summer I might want one of my own bar of soap from Etsy.  These soaps also make great romantic gifts if you have a significant other…or not!  If you are interested in the nature of their business go ahead and check out their blog which is a part of their store site.

    Grace: Although receiving body wash can be kind of a monotenous gift, I love receiving handmade, luxury soap.  It not only smells and feels nice, but it also looks really pretty and decorative.  Shopping for soaps to give as a gift is also really fun because you can really think about the person who you are giving it to and find the perfect match.  This is a great, standard gift idea that you can’t go wrong with!

    Scan my Photos!

    Dan: Grace’s last gift recommendation triggered my mind about this great photo scanning service. The website is called . The service is very easy to use! All you have to do is collect all of the photos that you want to be saved. You mail them the photos and they scan all the photos onto a DVD(s) for $0.04 a photo. It is really hard to find a better deal than the one here. Gifts that are thoughtful are the best gifts!

    You can take photos that are meaningful to you and the person or persons that you want to give the gift to. Have them scanned onto a DVD and gift it as a gift! For and extra fee they will even make photo slideshows for you and enhance them with personal music selections. They can even convert old VHS film videos onto a DVD just like the photos. Not only can the service provide a meaningful avenue for gift giving, it is something that all people should do anyways either on their own or through a service like this. You never know when your old photos can be destroyed or weather out. It is important to keep your memories safe and sound on electronic media. If you really want to be safe, make multiple copies and store them in different places to diversify the risk. Also, you can get your old photos back! I strongly recommend this task as a meaningful gift idea and for your own well being.

    PS: Here is a link to a great forum where people discuss different avenues for backing up everything from video to professional files!

    Grace: This is a really great and creative gift idea!  In addition to getting into digital photography, my dad has also recently started to get into either restoring or preserving some of our old pictures, and this would be a great gift for him!  Unfortunately, I am behind the times and don’t own a scanner and probably never will because I am that lazy.  For someone like me who would only use a scanner to digitally preserve photos, this service is a lot cheaper and easier than buying a scanner.  I love the idea of giving people gifts that they can look back on and reminisce, so I think this is a great, affordable idea!

    A Timeless Gift: Sterling Silver Picture Frame

    Grace: My family is not very big on gifts.  Our policy is unless you ask for something, you won’t get anything at all.  However, every once in a while a big event, such as an important birthday or anniversary or graduation, comes along and we feel a nice gift is necessary.

    While it’s fairly easy to shop for either me or my sister, finding gifts for my parents has become increasingly difficult.  My mom is way past the point of fancy jewelry, and there are only so many cuff links and coffee mugs we can buy my dad.  Luckily, my dad has started a recent obsession with sterling silver picture frames, and for him, there is no such thing as too many pictures.

    My dad loves the silver frames is because they are not only clean and uniform (therefore making our unorganized house look clean and uniform), but they are also timeless.  They’re a nice gift that fit multiple occasions.

    For example, sterling silver frames make perfect wedding gifts.  The wedding industry is growing quickly and can be very overwhelming, but a young couple can always use a nice picture frame or two.  My parents had a Shinto wedding ceremony, since my mother is Japanese, and even then sterling silver picture frames were the perfect gift.  The classic look of these frames transcends culture and age.

    Also, if you are big of anniversary traditions, sterling silver is usually given on the 25th anniversary.  Even if you are not particular on following those traditions, silver picture frames always make for a good anniversary gift.  I can’t even begin to count how many times my parents have received sterling silver picture frames as anniversary gifts, and yet they are also so happy to receive them.