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An Organic Jewelry Gift

A lot of my friends are into the green lifestyle, bringing their reusable shopping bags to the store and carrying stainless steel water bottles instead of buying plastic and throwing it away. Now people are starting to look past these little changes to incorporate the “green attitude” in all aspects of their lives, especially fashion. Organic cotton and recycled materials are popping up in designer stores, and even Organic Jewelry has become trendy. These natural Gourd Earrings from Peru are not only made with a renewable resource, but they’re also sold by a fair trade-friendly company. Real gourd is used in many Peruvian Jewelry designs, and is hand carved by talented artisans using traditional techniques. The gourd is set in sterling silver, making them an impressive gift for any eco-friendly fashionista!

Unique Jewelry Gifts

I’ve always loved receiving jewelry gifts. I feel that a woman can never own too many accessories! One thing that makes jewelry a great choice is that every woman needs a nice variety of it for different occasions, outfits, and moods. Of course, a wedding ring or other sentimental piece may be worn everyday, but most women enjoy mixing it up with a variety of earrings in different sizes and shapes, fun bracelets, and unusual necklaces. From chunky and funky to dainty and feminine, you can find a piece of jewelry that will fit your recipient’s taste. The key is to look past the mass produced styles in the popular stores, and seek out the more exclusive boutiques and online shops. That is where you’ll find handcrafted jewelry. Instead of having the same look as all of her friends, your recipient will enjoy a piece of artisan jewelry that people notice as being unique and beautiful. This carved gourd necklace is an instant conversation starter. Artisans in Peru hand carve designs into their gourd jewelry, and then it is set in sterling silver. Talk about a unique jewelry gift!

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Butterfly wing jewelry is a very unique gift idea for the special women in your life. This pendant features the wings of an Amazonian butterfly, which is naturally stunning. Set in sterling silver, the wing is preserved forever. A perfect gift for nature lovers, butterfly collectors, and any woman who loves handcrafted jewelry. The wings come in a variety of patterns and colors, just like the large array of butterflies that live in the Amazon. Locals collect their wings from the rainforest floor, and artisans buy them in the marketplace. You can buy this style and other kinds of butterfly wing jewelry from Tikanchay, a company specializing in handcrafted jewelry created by Peruvian artisans. Each purchase also brings them closer to self-sufficiency, making it a very special gift that affects more than just your recipient.

Silver Artisan Jewelry Gifts

I have always loved artisan jewelry, for myself and for gift giving. The women in my life have always been impressed with unique silver artisan jewelry because it is not something you see in stores. I used to buy costume jewelry, but once I realized how beautiful sterling silver can be, I decided to stop wasting money on necklaces and bracelets that would just break or tarnish, and invest in quality jewelry that I find online. Sterling silver jewelry that features stones like Sodalite, Obsidian and Peruvian Turquoise is my favorite, because the silver frames the stones so beautifully. Follow the link in this post to find beautiful sterling silver artisan jewelry styles.


With the start of a New Year come the inevitable promises of New Years resolutions. A great way to encourage your friends or family members in their newfound goals and to show that you care and support them is to give them a small present, just to say you are thinking of them. An organizer or planner for example is a great gift, that they are sure to get plenty of use out of. Depending on your loved ones needs you can personalize the gift and find the perfect planner for them. Whether it is business oriented or an academic planner, or even one designed for keeping track of social events or housekeeping, there is something for everyone. While not surprising, each year more than half of all resolutions made involve dieting or exercise in some way. If this was your goal too, it is always easier to stay focused when working with friends. With friends, exercising can actually becomes fun and not something that you may otherwise dread. You can exchange small gifts before you begin to give each other some extra encouragement. Something simple like a new yoga mat or a fun colored water bottle are perfect for something like this. You could also all agree to put money aside for every week of your diet and at the end of a set amount of weeks plan to put the money towards a weekend getaway for you and your friends, where you can finally show off all of your hard work. 

    Snuggle Up

    While is may initially appear as a somewhat ridiculous or silly gift, a snuggie is in fact the perfect present for the cold winter weather. I too, was originally hesitant about owning or using a snuggie but after enjoying it once, it has become more used more than any other blanket lying around my house. It is perfect for curling up on the couch after a long day at work, to do anything from watching a movie to reading or eating. The arm sleeves and neckline allow you to continue moving about as much as you like while still staying under the warmth and comfort of the blanket. It is also great for people of all ages. After falling in love with it myself I could not resist buying one for my mother and 8-year-old cousin. Needless to say, they too have become hooked. The soft fleece and color options make this the perfect gift to give to all of your friends and family members, as it is both inexpensive and instantly ready to give to anyone. If you wanted to give something extra you could always include a collection of classic movies and books as well.

      Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

      In each group of friends there always seems to be at least one designated picture taker. The one whose camera seems inseparable from them and the one who views every moment as a photo opportunity. The absolute perfect gifts for this person are any of the new digital photo frames. I got this for my photo-obsessed friend for her birthday this past year and she could not have been happier. Over the years she has collected thousands and thousands of photos, so just any ordinary frame would never do. The digital frames have the ability to hold and store hundreds of photos, emerging as the perfect solution, as she would never have been able to choose just one photo for any frame. A lot of the frames are now touch screen, giving you ultimate control on the ordering and timing of all of your pictures. Some of the newer frames also allow you to add music while your pictures rotate or even a voice over. The frames are easy to operate and add a new twist to simply giving someone yet another picture frame. The designs are also all modern and will go with any persons style, no matter how picky they may be. A great way to personalize the gift or add extra thought is to add some of your favorite pictures together with your friend or loved one and upload them onto the frame ahead of time. 

        Questions to Start Great Conversations

        We all have that friend or those family members who always love to entertain and be the hostess. When selecting a present for them you might as well take advantage of this and give them something that you know they will get plenty of use out of. Table Topics is a great, unique gift for anyone. They are similar to the conversation starters you may find at some restaurants, but are available in a seemingly endless amount of themes. Their topics range anywhere from book club to dinner party and even teen. They come in small clear cubes filled with cards and are then decorated in fun and playful patterns and colors. They are perfect to simply leave out on your coffee table when having friends over or even to entertain you during a long car ride or when sitting in a waiting room. The “Girls Night Out” addition is the perfect present to give to your friends as a small holiday gift. If you are looking for something extra to give to your significant other, the “Couples” addition is a great thoughtful present and includes questions such as, “what possession of your partner’s would you like to throw away.” With the endless selection of items available you are guaranteed to find something for anyone, no matter the occasion, as there are cards specialized for even a bachelorette party and going to college. These creative questions are also available on napkins, coasters and even placemats. This year I couldn’t resist buying these for my friends and family members and even purchased one for myself as well. 

          A Day to Relax

          With the stress of the upcoming holiday season we could all use a day off to relax. For women in particular, a day at the spa is the perfect way to accomplish this. If you are on a tighter budget a manicure/pedicure is perfect and is sure to come in handy as everyone wants to look their best just in time for the inevitable upcoming family gatherings. A gift to a salon that specializes in hair and facials or massages leaves something for everyone. While men may not like to admit it as much, they too will fall in love with a message. It is perfect however to give to a couple or to your own significant other to enjoy together. If you want to accomplish the same idea but without spending as much you could always create your own stay at home spa day. All you have to do is purchase a basket that they can use again around the house, and fill it with some of your favorite nail polish colors, nail files, lotions and facial scrubs. You could also include a handheld massager, or if it is for your significant other, a gift certificate guaranteeing a free back rub. 

            A Night on Broadway

            When I think back to past presents that I have received the ones that I have enjoyed the most are always the ones that are more than just materialistic gifts but actually let you create an experience. They allow you to enjoy the gift with your friend or loved one and create memories that will last longer than any item that you could purchase. Broadway or off Broadway tickets are a great thing to buy for anyone, young or old, male or female. I recently saw Avenue Q and would see it again or recommend it to any of my friends in a heartbeat. The show is filled with humor and is sure to put in you an automatic good mood and keep you laughing the entire time. The shows unique premise and ideas are unlike anything else. The play uses puppets to share the story of recent college graduates living in New York using songs and adult humor that will keep you entertained. With all of the shows that are available there is something for everyone regardless of your personal taste and style. While the price tag that is associated with Broadway may immediately scare people off or seem intimidating, most shows will offer special deals or promotions that will lessen the price. Off Broadway plays also often offer the same experience but for a smaller price and often in a location closer to you, opening up more options.