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To Satisfy Those Chocolate Cravings

If you are on a budget while shopping for a present, making something is a great solution. It allows you to stay on budget while being creative too. One of the easiest ways to go about this is cooking or baking, as there are very few people who could resist the idea of free, already prepared food. While cookies or other baked sweets may seem cliché you cannot go wrong with them. If you want to try something a little different though you can always stay away from the typical chocolate chip cookies and look up a new dessert or recipe. One of my favorite recipes to make are peanut butter balls. They only require a few ingredients and are easy to make. Just combine 1 stick of butter, 1 box of powdered sugar, 2 cups of crunchy peanut butter and 3 cups of Rice Krispies and shape them into small balls and chill them. Afterwards you can either roll them in powdered sugar or coat them in chocolate. Just wrap them up and they make the perfect gift to bring to a dinner party or just as a thank you gift. My only advice is to make sure you make two batches, as you will want to keep some for yourself- they are truly addicting! 

    A Gift for any Occasion

    Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for a wedding, housewarming or birthday you cannot go wrong with the simple beauty of Simon Pearce’s hand-blown glass and pottery. While their collections are all simple they all contain a classic beauty that is incomparable. They have a large selection of various glasses and dishware sets that are all handmade and will go with any style. The pieces all also make great decorations and are perfect to simply display around you house to add an instant touch of sophistication and elegance. They make everything from clocks to vases and there truly is something for everyone. If you live close to a store, they also allow and welcome you to watch them make the glass and pottery right in front of you and even include a restaurant, so if the drive is an hour away from you the trip is definitely worth it. Don’t be discouraged from giving it to men as well as they also have an extensive collection of original beer mugs and desk accessories. The pieces that they have available also make great business or corporate gifts and is the perfect place to get all of your holiday shopping done in one trip. 

      Classic Earrings with a Playful Twist

      While speaking of jewelry I once again found myself drawn back into Tikanchay’s website and have found yet another pair of irresistible earrings. The handcrafted jewelry all originates in Peru and is crafted by the finest artisans, embodying a style that is uniquely its own. While buying jewelry online can often be challenging when looking at quality, after multiple purchases from Tikanchay the jewelry that I have received has only exceeded my expectations. The owners of the company personally travel to Peru each year and work with the artisans themselves to help ensure the value and design of each of their pieces. A pair of silver earrings that I recently purchased for my friend’s upcoming birthday is the triple drop pink pearl dangle earrings. While my friend has a naturally fun and flirty style, her strict work code often restricts her from wearing anything that will show off her personality and these earrings will be the perfect way around the rules. The earrings exemplify the classic beauty and sophistication of pearls and are masterfully complimented by etched sterling silver that add a playful touch. They make a great birthday gift for a friend or a loved one and remember, it is never too early to start thinking about the holidays. 

        An Eclectic Fashion Look

        Given my love of fashion I have become somewhat of a self-proclaimed expert on any retail store. Despite all of the options that this opens up, and the competition, one of my favorite stores has got to be Anthropologie. The store reaches woman of all ages with a new style that goes beyond what you would typically find at other clothing stores. They have great dresses with a unique style that is the perfect gift to give to anyone. If you are feeling generous or just looking for something else to add to clothing, Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry is a great addition. The distinctive look of Tikanchay jewelry, for example, will perfectly complement any of their dresses or blouses. The rare combinations of materials that are used in all of Tikanchay’s collections and the detail put into each piece by the artisans who create it, make it the perfect fit for Anthropologie’s eclectic style. While any of the handcrafted necklaces make an excellent match, one of my personal favorites is the silver moon pendant. The sterling silver necklace will add to any of their dresses while bringing a new flair and elegance all of its own. 

          Plenty of Fish in the Sea

          While I have always been a pet and animal lover myself, giving a living present is often a risky idea. No matter how cute your friends or family may find your new puppy, it does not necessarily mean they are ready for the responsibility that goes along with them. A safer gift however to give any animal lover is a fish tank. A fish tank is perfect for any budget big or small as you could go all out with a large tank, or keep it simple with a sleek bowl. For a man it is often best to stray away from the more delicate looking fish and instead look for small cat sharks or other similar types that adapt well to aquariums. It is the tropical fish however that have always caught my eye. The gorgeous colors and relaxing feel provided by a fish tank is a great way to warm up a house or apartment. If you are looking for a smaller gift, simply find a glass vase and fill it with natural stones and flowers with a small fish such as a beta fish, which requires minimum effort. They also now make fish tanks that can even be mounted onto the wall if you want something truly unique. A gift card to your local pet store is also a great addition.

            Gifts That Will Make You Always Welcome

            When invited over for a dinner or to someone’s house for any occasion you can never show up empty handed. A nice bottle of wine is always perfect to bring and it’s often easy to figure out their favorite type. If you’ve already overdone it with the wine, a wine accessory kit is a great new addition. If wine isn’t appropriate for the gathering, there aren’t many people who could resist dessert. Don’t be afraid to stray away from the cliché chocolate chip cookies either and make something original. Cookbooks also make great presents. After all you can never have too many recipes. There are many specialty books that focus on eating healthy or different styles of food that you can match according to your friend’s personality. You could always create a cookbook of your own using your favorite dishes and maybe even your top-secret recipes. A nice basket with lotion and soap is also something that everyone could use. Lots of stores offer sets of clever lotion sets that smell like margaritas and some of your other favorite drinks.      

              Silver Jewelry: A Girls New Best Friend

                With the crashing state of the economy everyone has been forced to tighten their budgets when it comes to purchasing gifts for others and even themselves. This downward state has left everyone with little extra spending money. Despite this it is still important to look good and feel confident about what you are wearing. With the outrageously high price of diamonds, silver jewelry has truly become every girl’s new best friend. Silver jewelry achieves the same elegant and classic look as diamonds but for a fraction of the price. Handcrafted jewelry also accomplishes the same exclusivity and rarity as diamonds and is sure to catch everyone’s eye. An amazing site that I found for this is Tikanchay Peruvian Jewelry. Not only is each piece of jewelry that they offer handcrafted but it also all originates in Peru making it more unique and giving each piece a history. I can guarantee that the quality you find here will only exceed your expectations! The sterling silver used is even of a higher quality than you would find from that infamous little blue box. They offer such a variety of styles that you are sure to find something for anyone. One of my favorite pieces has got to be the silver ribbon bracelet. The texture and silver of the bracelet create a shine that is unlike any thing else and sure to dazzle. The sterling silver is the perfect compliment to any outfit and creates a rare and sleek look that often times cannot even be achieved by diamonds. 

                Jewelry That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

                When it comes to giving presents you can never go wrong with jewelry. While giving jewelry is often an easy quick gift to give, it often lacks uniqueness and thought. After reading about Tikanchay silver jewelry, I decided to experience it for myself and was not disappointed. It’s often hard to buy jewelry offline, especially when you are not familiar with the company. The handcrafted jewelry that they offer is breath taking in person and only exceeded my expectations. While the photos of the jewelry on the website all look amazing the true natural beauty of each piece cannot be captured in a picture and must be experienced first hand. I fell in love with the butterfly jewelry collection and now so have my friends. The elegance of sterling silver is complemented with the delicate feel of the blue butterfly wing, giving it a unique look that will appeal to almost anyone. The light flirty feel of the wing is perfect for those late summer birthdays. I gave my sister a pair of the butterfly earrings and she now wears them everywhere. Even if the butterfly wing jewelry isn’t for you the wide variety of pieces and styles of Tikanchay will keep you coming back for more. 

                  Pearl Earrings for a Valentine

                  Grace: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  I hope everyone is thinking long and hard about what gifts to get!  The problem I always have when looking for Valentine’s Day gifts is trying to find something unique and special.

                  If you’re looking for a classic yet unique gift this season, I would highly recomend some pearl earrings.  I love pearl earrings because they’re so classic and go with EVERYTHING (really, everything) but they can be a little boring sometimes and there’s really no need to own more than one pair if they’re just going to look the same.  Pearls always make a great valentine’s day gift, but what makes these earrings unique is that they were made by Peruvian artisans.  The triple drop and the handcrafted silver earring stud makes these earrings completely unlike any I have seen.  This site makes a whole bunch of sterling silver jewelry, so don’t feel confined to just pearl earrings!

                  Basket Weave Sterling Silver Cuff

                  Grace: Hello all!  Sorry for the lack of posts; I’m in Japan right now, studying abroad, and it’s a lot of fun!  Dan is also studying abroad but is without an internet connection, so I’ll be all by myself for a while.  It’s taken a while to get settled, but I’m finally comfortable and ready to start posting again!

                  Although the big holiday season is now over, there’s still Valentine’s Day to start thinking of!  I love chocolate, but receiving a big fluffy bear and roses and chocolate is a little overrated.  This time, why not try some handcrafted sterling silver jewelry?  The great thing about this site is that the jewelry is always unique.  I especially love their sterling silver bracelets.  I’ve never really been a fan of bracelets, but I love their silver cuffs.  Always elegant, they seem to go with everything.  One that really caught my eye was the Basket Weave Sterling Cuff.  This would be a great gift for a sophisticated woman.  Not to mention, it’s currently 25% off (until January 15th), so now would be a great time to get one!