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An Organic Jewelry Gift

A lot of my friends are into the green lifestyle, bringing their reusable shopping bags to the store and carrying stainless steel water bottles instead of buying plastic and throwing it away. Now people are starting to look past these little changes to incorporate the “green attitude” in all aspects of their lives, especially fashion. Organic cotton and recycled materials are popping up in designer stores, and even Organic Jewelry has become trendy. These natural Gourd Earrings from Peru are not only made with a renewable resource, but they’re also sold by a fair trade-friendly company. Real gourd is used in many Peruvian Jewelry designs, and is hand carved by talented artisans using traditional techniques. The gourd is set in sterling silver, making them an impressive gift for any eco-friendly fashionista!

Unique Jewelry Gifts

I’ve always loved receiving jewelry gifts. I feel that a woman can never own too many accessories! One thing that makes jewelry a great choice is that every woman needs a nice variety of it for different occasions, outfits, and moods. Of course, a wedding ring or other sentimental piece may be worn everyday, but most women enjoy mixing it up with a variety of earrings in different sizes and shapes, fun bracelets, and unusual necklaces. From chunky and funky to dainty and feminine, you can find a piece of jewelry that will fit your recipient’s taste. The key is to look past the mass produced styles in the popular stores, and seek out the more exclusive boutiques and online shops. That is where you’ll find handcrafted jewelry. Instead of having the same look as all of her friends, your recipient will enjoy a piece of artisan jewelry that people notice as being unique and beautiful. This carved gourd necklace is an instant conversation starter. Artisans in Peru hand carve designs into their gourd jewelry, and then it is set in sterling silver. Talk about a unique jewelry gift!

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Butterfly wing jewelry is a very unique gift idea for the special women in your life. This pendant features the wings of an Amazonian butterfly, which is naturally stunning. Set in sterling silver, the wing is preserved forever. A perfect gift for nature lovers, butterfly collectors, and any woman who loves handcrafted jewelry. The wings come in a variety of patterns and colors, just like the large array of butterflies that live in the Amazon. Locals collect their wings from the rainforest floor, and artisans buy them in the marketplace. You can buy this style and other kinds of butterfly wing jewelry from Tikanchay, a company specializing in handcrafted jewelry created by Peruvian artisans. Each purchase also brings them closer to self-sufficiency, making it a very special gift that affects more than just your recipient.

Gifts to Usher in the New Year

Inspirational and supportive gifts are always the best presents to give, especially with the start of the New Year. As millions of people map out New Year’s resolutions and embark on new things, it is easy to find gifts that suit this occasion. Tikanchay, one of my personal favorite websites, offers jewelry that is not only beautiful but meaningful as well. The handcrafted jewelry collections all feature materials that are native to Peru and crafted by the finest artisans. The Huayruro seed necklace collection is one of my favorites. The seeds used are actually collected from the jungle floors of Peru and are known by Peruvians to bring good fortune and ward off negative energy, making them the perfect fit for the New Year. The seeds are then complimented with sterling silver creating a stunning handcrafted necklace that is sure to capture the attention of everyone. This gift is filled with thought and is a great way to show you care as the New Year is ushered in. 

    For the Young at Heart

    A great way to show that you care about someone, is to surprise them with a present just in time for the new year. A gift for your significant other shows that you are ready to embrace the start of another year with them and is an extra touch that will make this New Years Eve a night to remember. For this, a simple piece of sterling silver jewelry will do just the trick. One handcrafted necklace in particular that I have fallen in love with is the heart on a string necklace. This necklace was entirely handcrafted in Peru by some of the finest artisans. The necklace is defined by a simple pendant created of twisted burnt and polished sterling silver to form the outline of a heart. This enchanting pendant is then complimented by a vibrant red cord that can be adjusted around the neck to achieve any desired look. While the sterling silver used is of a higher quality than you would find at most other jewelers, the necklace is still available at a reasonable price, making it the perfect small present to give to a loved one to welcome the new year. This elegant necklace is not only representative of your feelings towards your loved one but also gives back to those who are less fortunate and to the small communities in Peru. This necklace is perfect for the young, old or simply the young at heart. The unique elegance of the silver heart coupled with the deep red chain will be irresistible for anyone and the perfect way to end the year.

    Last Minute Gifts

    For those of you who are still in search of some last minute Christmas presents, just remember, that it is never too late. An easy gift to give to someone when you are out of time is a gift-card. While gift-cards may seem overdone or impersonal, it is all about finding one to the perfect place. A gift-card that you can be guaranteed anyone will love, is one to Tikanchay. The site features handcrafted jewelry that originates entirely from Peru. After discovering this site I cannot seem to brag about it enough, and I feel like my descriptions cannot do it justice- it is something that you truly must experience for yourself. A gift-card here is unique and allows you to put extra thought into a gift, even at the last minute. The vast variety of jewelry coupled with the quality and intricate details on each item make their jewelry the perfect match for anyone. Shipping from Tikanchay is also free, making it hard to resist purchasing an item. Even if you spotted the perfect silver necklace or bracelet for your friend or family member but don’t have enough time, you can simply print out a picture of the piece of jewelry and place it in a box with a card stating that it’s on its way. The Peruvian jewelry found at Tikanchay, all has a story behind it. On the card, make sure to share the meaning behind the jewelry, as this is a great way to personalize any present. For instance, my favorite meaning is the one behind the Sterling Silver Huayruro Seed Necklace. The seeds used here are all gathered from the floors of Peru and are known by the natives to ward off negative energy and bring good fortune; a great meaning for anyone starting a new job, moving or even to anyone as a symbol to usher in the new year.

    Jewelry with Confidence

    Now that black Friday has passed, most of the stores prices have shot back up again. If you missed out on all of the steals and bargains of black Friday, don’t forget about shopping online. This year in fact, cyber Monday, had higher sales than even the infamous black Friday, and the best part is that, unlike in the stores, most of the sales online continue right up until the holidays. Tikanchay is a great example of this. They offer countless sales just in time for the holidays and will always offer free shipping. The handcrafted jewelry here is also unlike anything else any of your friends and family members have ever seen. The designs are all unique and all embody the rich culture of Peru and its people. I recently fell in love with their links entwined sterling silver necklace. This sterling silver necklace traveled all the way from a small market in Lima. Looking at the intricate detail it is hard to believe that it is entirely handcrafted and truly is a work of art. The artisan interlocks links of polished and burnt sterling silver creating a contrast that is breathtaking. This necklace has the ability to transform any of your outfits and is sure to fill you with a new burst of confidence. Just make sure to order is soon as it has steadily become one of their most popular pieces, and with one look you will be able to see why.

    A Glistening Christmas

    As the snow begins to fall, just in time for Christmas and New Years, sterling silver could not be a more perfect match for the winter wonderland that is being created outside. Keeping this in mind, if you are out of ideas, jewelry is a great gift to give to any of your friends. For me a piece of jewelry that fully represents this idea of a winter wonderland and a glistening Christmas, are the ethereal filigree sterling silver earrings. The light airy feel of the handcrafted earrings give them a unique look that will glisten with every turn. The incredible detail that is used in this artisan jewelry and the stunning look of crocheted silver is unlike anything you will find in any store or boutique. While they are made entirely in Peru of the highest quality, they are still available for a reasonable price. The flirty and stylish feel of these earrings are sure to please even your most critical friends. For your more playful friends, the earrings are also available in a heart shape. It is the perfect gift to give along side a knitted scarf or hat, as it will truly complete their winter outfit. 

      Jewelry That Will Capture Your Heart

      When unwrapping presents around the holidays, jewelry is one of the most common presents to be found right under the tree. A great thing to remember though is that jewelry does not need to be large or expensive to be beautiful or to tell a story. Small jewelry gifts even make the perfect stocking stuffer. And to give a less expensive piece of sterling silver jewelry does not mean that you need to compromise on quality or meaning. A piece that I have given to my cousin before is the heartlet silver earrings. They are the perfect gift to give to any young women, as the dangling heart gives them a fun and flirty feel. In the center of each of the silver hearts, a vibrant orange spondylus dangles playfully.This daring contrast gives the silver earrings a unique look that is perfect to wear on any given day. These handcrafted earrings are available for a small price but still come from the highest quality.  With each aspect of the earrings originating in Peru and then handcrafted by the finest artisans, any girl will go crazy to have this truly one of a kind accessory.

      A Simplistic Design

      Every year since college, a few of my closest friends and I have been exchanging small gifts for the holidays. We set a budget of no more than $20 for each person and instead focus on small things that we know each other will love. While I normally end up buying a different present for each friend, as we all have drastically different styles and taste, this year I found the perfect gift that I know they will all enjoy. I found the perfect handcrafted necklaces that are not only at a reasonable price that fits our budget, but that come in a variety of colors and patterns as well. Each necklace is composed of a ceramic pendant that is hand painted with geometric shapes that subtly represent the traditions and culture of Peru. While this artisan jewelry is a simply idea, it has a loud voice that is sure to draw compliments. In addition to this, it truly is the wide variety and simplicity of the necklace that makes it the perfect gift to give to anyone. For my more contemporary and modern friend, the black and white ceramic circle necklace fits her personality to a tee, while the vibrant blue pendant of another is perfect for my friend who is adventurous and always the life of any party.