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All that Sparkles and Shines

With the passing of Thanksgiving, the holiday season truly has arrived and is in full swing. Knowing this, there are very few women who wouldn’t be excited to find something sparkling with their name on it under the tree this year. After visiting Peru several years ago I became inspired by the sterling silver jewelry that I found there. The unique and exquisite pieces made it easy for me to want to fill my entire suitcase with this one of a kind artisan jewelry. The sterling silver that is used in each piece remains light and delicate, while still crafted from a higher quality of silver than you would commonly find at home. One of my favorites is the silver chains and beads necklace. This artisan necklace is sure to grab the eye of everyone in a room, as the necklace shines and gives off a light that will have each person memorized. The glittering elegant beads are coupled with a burnt silver chain that creates a look that can only be found in Peruvian jewelry. I cannot wait to give this necklace to my mother this year who I know has been looking to add to her growing jewelry collection. 

    Uniquely Elegant

    • With Black Friday only a few days away, keep in mind that these extreme sales are not only exclusively in stores but are just as readily available online as well. In fact, some of the best deals can often be found online but allow you to avoid the hassle of fighting through traffic and crowds, and best of all can help you avoid the inevitable long lines. While people are often more reluctant to purchase jewelry online, I can assure you that by buying sterling silver jewelry from Tikanchay you will not be disappointed. I am an avid customer to the site myself and have always been impressed by not only the high quality of the products but by the ease of purchase as well. With necklaces currently 20% off, among other discounts, it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of. The handcrafted necklaces are all made with .950 sterling silver and provide a uniquely elegant look that can fit any personality. One piece that I recently gave to a friend is the silver flower necklace and she could not be happier. The necklace is centered around a simplistic flower design that is representative of colonial Peru and is a definite conversation piece. The burnt silver of the necklace will match any outfit perfectly without blending in or getting lost. It is the perfect gift to give to any of your loved ones. 

    Jewelry That Will Leave You Glowing

    With black Friday only a week away and with cyber Monday soon to follow, it is never too early to start working and checking things off of your Christmas list. Regardless of your taste and style there is no denying that silver is in this season. The elegance and vibrant nature of sterling silver is the perfect compliment to any winter wonderland scene and truly does embrace the holiday season. A piece that embodies this idea to its fullest is the white silk filigree sterling silver necklace. This Peruvian necklace was entirely handcrafted in Peru by crocheting silver wire into a work of art. The art of transforming silver wire into beautiful jewelry is an ancient tradition in Peru and the extreme talent and history of this can be seen in each exquisite detail of the necklace. This handcrafted jewelry is the ultimate accessory for any holiday gathering as it has a light and airy feel that will leave you glowing. It is perfect to give to a loved one or even as a gift for yourself. 

      Get Carried Away with Butterfly Wing Jewelry

      My sister has always had an extensive jewelry collection that even puts mine to shame. While this always comes in handy when needing to borrow a necklace for that special night, it makes purchasing jewelry for her nearly impossible, as she already has everything. After a lengthy search, I once again resorted back to Peruvian jewelry as the perfect solution. The high quality of the sterling silver that is used in each piece of jewelry fits in perfectly with her already well-established silver collection but adds a new twist. I chose the Amazon butterfly silver cuff bracelet for her and can confidently recommend it for any of your friends or loved ones. The silver cuff follows the current trend of bangles but is sure to stand out in comparison. Centered on the cuff is a pendant inlaid with a butterfly wing that was gathered from the jungle floors of Peru. The rich texture and airy feel of the butterfly wing creates an exquisite look that no one can resist. The butterfly wings are said to represent beauty and free spirits; qualities that describe my sister to a tee making it the perfect match for her. This handcrafted bracelet is unlike anything else, as no two pieces are the same. It provides a natural look that is perfect for any occasion. 

        A Message for Everyone

        No matter the amount, jewelry is one of the token items that you can never have too much of. The key to giving jewelry is variety. Instead of once again giving yet another ordinary gold necklace, handcrafted jewelry is the best way to spice things up. This shows more thought than simply picking something up at the local department store. Handcrafted jewelry has a story behind it and is not just spit out of a machine. Each piece is unique and can be personally designed for each person who wears it. One of my favorite pieces to give is the multistrand Huayruro seed bracelet. The vivid red emitted by the seeds is perfectly balanced against black strands and sterling silver accents. The handcrafted bracelet is made entirely in Peru, based off of traditions and skills that have passed on in Peru through generations. The Huayruro seed is known by natives to bring good fortune and ward off negativity. Before you give the gift be sure to include a note of the rich culture of Peru and the meaning behind the bracelet. The symbolism behind the bracelet can be easily related to anyone’s life. If you are looking for something additional to give, a matching set of handcrafted earrings or a necklace is the perfect companion. 

          A Thanksgiving Gift

          With Thanksgiving just around the corner, when selecting a gift, choose something that you know that not only your friend or family member will love but also that gives back and represents the spirit of Thanksgiving. Peruvian jewelry does just that. A site that I have become an avid buyer of myself, and that I believe fully represents this idea, is Tikanchay. The site is composed entirely of jewelry imported from Peru and is fully dedicated to giving back to those in the smaller villages and communities of this diverse country. Not only does every purchase from the site give back to those in need, but each item is masterfully created and made of only the highest quality materials. This is all possible due to the dedication and commitment to quality of the owners. The owners make personal visits to Peru each year and work with only the finest artisans to create unique gifts that are sure to capture anyone’s eye. Despite the wide selection, the perfect piece for fall is the Silver Spiral Inlaid Earrings. The distinctive blend of colors represents fall and fully embodies the season. The earrings are inlaid with the dynamism and energy of the classic Incan geometry; creating a unique look that is not achieved by other jewelry suppliers. These sterling silver earrings are a gift that will give back to society and is the perfect way to show your appreciation with the approach of Thanksgiving. 

            Black and White

            If you are looking for a present that will fit anyone’s personality no matter what their age or interests, black and white jewelry is the perfect solution. Sterling silver jewelry is perfect for any occasion and can be easily worn out to work or for a night out on the town. Sterling silver paired with black or darker accents achieves a contemporary, and modern look that will catch anyone’s eye. It can also be paired with anyone existing jewelry. A piece that I believe embodies this idea to its fullest is a silver and suede necklace. The black suede is lined with sterling silver rings that are made of only the highest quality of silver. Some of your more traditional friends and family member will also appreciate the rich culture and background of the piece. The entire necklace is handcrafted in Peru by the finest artisans. This Peruvian necklace is unlike any other piece of jewelry that you could give and has both beauty and meaning behind it. The artisans in Peru carry on the ancient traditions of their ancestors and share their history through the designs and styles that they incorporate into their jewelry. The gift of Peruvian jewelry is sure to enchant all of your friends and family members and leave them coming back for more and forever grateful. 

              A Whole New Level of Jewelry Giving

              This season, with the return of 80’s influences, no outfit is complete without bangles or cuffs. They are available in such an endless variety that that they can match any style or look, making them the perfect look. Cuffs make a larger statement then other bracelets and provide a dramatic look that will pop on any outfit. While many people assume that cuffs are designed only for a younger generation, this is far from true. A perfect example of this is the basket weave sterling cuff. This stunning piece of artisan jewelry is entirely handcrafted in Peru. The detail put into the sterling silver bracelet, embodies the traditional craftsmanship that is well known to Peru. This unique piece includes a dark contrast in-between each weave, giving it a dramatic air that is sure to turn heads. Made from only the best materials, by some of the finest artist, the quality of this bracelet is hard to match and is sure to impress your loved ones. This piece of Peruvian artisan jewelry is perfect for a friend, family member, or significant other, as the holiday season comes around and takes jewelry giving to a whole new level.

                A Unique Twist on a Classic Gift

                If you are in search of a gift that cannot just be picked up at any local mall, look no further than Peruvian jewelry. The designs and materials used in Peruvian jewelry set it apart from anything else that you could find. You also never have to worry about the quality of this handcrafted jewelry, as I can personally guarantee that it will only exceed your expectations. Carved gourd bracelets from Peru make the perfect unique gift. The designs include symbols of nature and birds and are entirely handcrafted by those native to Peru. Carving gourd is a tradition that is passed down through generations and requires exceptional skill and artistry. Instead of simply giving another piece of ordinary jewelry this year, give Peruvian jewelry, as it a gift that is sure to stand out and be remembered. A pair of matching gourd earrings is a perfect addition if you are looking for something extra to give in addition to the bracelet. The burnt gourd is accented by sterling silver that creates a look that is sure to capture eyes. 

                  Gifts to Last Generations

                  One of the things I believe that make jewelry stand out the most and differentiates each piece, is its ability to be passed down through generations. In all of my experiences I have found that Peruvian jewelry does just that. The story and history behind each piece of Peruvian jewelry is what adds meaning and uniqueness to a gift, allowing it to touch the lives of families as a whole. The rich culture that is embedded into each piece of handcrafted jewelry through its materials and technique are what set it apart from any other jewelry. For example, the Huayruro seeds that are commonly found in traditional pieces are known by natives to bring good fortune, and the legendary powers of the opal beads are sworn to bring relaxation and peace. It is this power and history that make the opal seed bracelet perfect to give anyone, especially right before the holiday season when stress levels from everyone are sure to peak. Whether it be a romantic gift or simply for a friend, it is hard for anyone to resist the majestic qualities of Peruvian jewelry.