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A Thoughtful Gift Idea

I’m a big believer in gifts that show you were thoughtful about choosing them. My friend bought me a beautiful hydrangea plant for my birthday recently and as much as I love the plant (and I do!) I also love the fact that she knows me well, and thought about choosing something that would please me. That plant is thriving in my garden showing lacy white blooms and every time I walk by or stop to admire it, I know I have a friend who cares about me.  Isn’t that what we want our gifts to say?  So while I love to give gift ideas here (yes, one is coming…) I also advise you to spend a few minutes thinking about the person you’re buying for to get a sense of direction.

Today’s suggestion: Now that there are video cameras on our phones and computers, it’s pretty easy to create a video clip and while the tech savvy person can edit it and get fancy with music in the background, none of that is necessary for this gift idea.  Record yourself sharing a happy memory.  It can be a story for your child from his past or a memory from your own childhood that you share with your parent.  The ways to use this idea are endless but the key is to let the person know that they play an important role in your happy memories. Here’s the fun part that may require a little courage on your part: post your video somewhere, on YouTube or FaceBook for example, and then send the link to your gift recipient.  You won’t believe how many people will share this with their friends because everyone loves to have their life witnessed.  You’ll be the coolest gift giver ever.

Snuggle Up

While is may initially appear as a somewhat ridiculous or silly gift, a snuggie is in fact the perfect present for the cold winter weather. I too, was originally hesitant about owning or using a snuggie but after enjoying it once, it has become more used more than any other blanket lying around my house. It is perfect for curling up on the couch after a long day at work, to do anything from watching a movie to reading or eating. The arm sleeves and neckline allow you to continue moving about as much as you like while still staying under the warmth and comfort of the blanket. It is also great for people of all ages. After falling in love with it myself I could not resist buying one for my mother and 8-year-old cousin. Needless to say, they too have become hooked. The soft fleece and color options make this the perfect gift to give to all of your friends and family members, as it is both inexpensive and instantly ready to give to anyone. If you wanted to give something extra you could always include a collection of classic movies and books as well.


    Whether you are looking for a wedding present, a housewarming gift or something simply to just say thank you, glasses are the perfect idea for practically anyone. A nice set of wine or champagne glasses is something that no household should be without. While wine glasses may not have the same appeal to men, beer mugs and glasses are the perfect substitute. The 1-liter HB beer mugs are hard to resist by most men and are easy to have personalized. Beer steins are also perfect and something that is sure to last a lifetime and be a gift that will always be remembered. Depending on which you end up going with, including your favorite bottle of wine or specialty beer is a great addition. This present could also be as cheap or expensive as you would like and is easy to put together. 

      Just in Time for the New Year

      With the start of the New Year,ca lendars are great gifts. They make the perfect small present to simply show that you care or are thinking about someone without spending a large amount of money. Every year since I can remember my mother has given me, and all of my siblings, a calendar from our favorite vacation spot, Hilton Head Island, SC. This has become somewhat of a tradition and it is one that I hope to later take over. It is easy to select a calendar that you know a person will love even if you do not know them well. Just look at ones of their favorite sports team, city, flower or even artist. The calendars of old black and white photographs are some of my favorite. It is something that anyone is sure to love and that no household should be without. If you know that they already have a calendar a small day planner or desktop calendar is just as fitting. If you are looking to personalize the gift or do something additional you could always pencil in a night on the calendar where the two of you could have a night out as an extra surprise.  

        Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

        In each group of friends there always seems to be at least one designated picture taker. The one whose camera seems inseparable from them and the one who views every moment as a photo opportunity. The absolute perfect gifts for this person are any of the new digital photo frames. I got this for my photo-obsessed friend for her birthday this past year and she could not have been happier. Over the years she has collected thousands and thousands of photos, so just any ordinary frame would never do. The digital frames have the ability to hold and store hundreds of photos, emerging as the perfect solution, as she would never have been able to choose just one photo for any frame. A lot of the frames are now touch screen, giving you ultimate control on the ordering and timing of all of your pictures. Some of the newer frames also allow you to add music while your pictures rotate or even a voice over. The frames are easy to operate and add a new twist to simply giving someone yet another picture frame. The designs are also all modern and will go with any persons style, no matter how picky they may be. A great way to personalize the gift or add extra thought is to add some of your favorite pictures together with your friend or loved one and upload them onto the frame ahead of time. 

          For Those Sunday Drives

          If you are looking for a gift for a man, you often times don’t have to look much farther than car accessories or electronic gadgets. Most men cannot resist anything related to their cars. An iPod car adapter for cars for instance is a perfect gift. It allows anyone to be able to easily travel with all of their favorite music without having to aimlessly flip through static filled radio stations. If you are looking for something else along the same lines, a Sirius satellite radio is another great option. Not only does it open up en endless variety of music options but offers all of your favorite sports teams and games available at any time. If they tend to spend a lot of time in the car, a phone charger is another great idea. A GPS is also a great gift that no car should be without. If you are looking for a smaller present to give to celebrate a new car, a key chain is quick and easy. A license plate cover is also an inexpensive gift that is easy to personalize by choosing their favorite sports team or place. 

            Money Money Money

            Regardless of the age, profession or style of the person you are buying a gift for, a wallet is something that no person can be without. A brown or black leather wallet is a great present to give to any man and it is hard to go wrong when it comes time to selecting one. If you want to personalize the wallet you can also easily have their initials etched into the side. Another simple way to add something to the present is to select a wallet with picture inserts in it and fill it with a picture of both of you. Silver money clips are another thing that no man should be without. Wallets or checking books make a great gift for women as well. While your options may seem endless and rather intimidating, figure out what their favorite brand or store is and you are sure to pick something out that they will love. A tradition that my family, and I’m sure others, always follow is to put a dollar into any purse or wallet before giving it as a present for good luck. 

              A Gift with Impact

              Personalized gifts that I have received in the past are always the ones that stand out to me the most. If you are having trouble finding a unique gift, engraving your friend or family’s initials, or adding a personal message to any item is a great way to make an impact with your present. Silver picture frames are one of the best ways to achieve this. The sleek elegance of a silver or gold picture frame will not only match anyone’s personal style but allows you to add a picture with meaning behind it with words that go along with the moment. If you cannot pick just one picture to give, a photo album is a great alternative. An album is the perfect wedding gift or present for someone you are close with. A glass beer mug is another easy way to engrave a present for someone, especially if you are shopping for a man and is something that they are sure to get a lot of use out of. The lists of things you could have engraved are endless. From paperweights to clocks and towels there is something to meet everyone’s needs. 

                A Night on Broadway

                When I think back to past presents that I have received the ones that I have enjoyed the most are always the ones that are more than just materialistic gifts but actually let you create an experience. They allow you to enjoy the gift with your friend or loved one and create memories that will last longer than any item that you could purchase. Broadway or off Broadway tickets are a great thing to buy for anyone, young or old, male or female. I recently saw Avenue Q and would see it again or recommend it to any of my friends in a heartbeat. The show is filled with humor and is sure to put in you an automatic good mood and keep you laughing the entire time. The shows unique premise and ideas are unlike anything else. The play uses puppets to share the story of recent college graduates living in New York using songs and adult humor that will keep you entertained. With all of the shows that are available there is something for everyone regardless of your personal taste and style. While the price tag that is associated with Broadway may immediately scare people off or seem intimidating, most shows will offer special deals or promotions that will lessen the price. Off Broadway plays also often offer the same experience but for a smaller price and often in a location closer to you, opening up more options. 

                  A Watch for Every Occasion

                  While jewelry is always great for women, men are often a lot more complicated and don’t have the same go to gift. However, after growing up with a seemingly endless amount of male cousins, I have found watches are the answer. Watches, as silver jewelry is to women, are irresistible to men. They are offered in such a variety that there truly is a style for everyone, whether you are shopping for the professional businessman or the adventurous outdoor type. Fossil, known for their watches, produces a huge variety of styles ranging from classic to modern and antique. Watches also are offered with a large price range making it perfect for anyone on a budget or someone who is willing to go all out. Even if the man you are shopping for already has a watch, there is never such a thing as too many. After all, just as with jewelry, everyman needs a daily watch, dress watch and a sporty one.