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Just in Time for the New Year

With the start of the New Year,ca lendars are great gifts. They make the perfect small present to simply show that you care or are thinking about someone without spending a large amount of money. Every year since I can remember my mother has given me, and all of my siblings, a calendar from our favorite vacation spot, Hilton Head Island, SC. This has become somewhat of a tradition and it is one that I hope to later take over. It is easy to select a calendar that you know a person will love even if you do not know them well. Just look at ones of their favorite sports team, city, flower or even artist. The calendars of old black and white photographs are some of my favorite. It is something that anyone is sure to love and that no household should be without. If you know that they already have a calendar a small day planner or desktop calendar is just as fitting. If you are looking to personalize the gift or do something additional you could always pencil in a night on the calendar where the two of you could have a night out as an extra surprise.  

    A Gift with Impact

    Personalized gifts that I have received in the past are always the ones that stand out to me the most. If you are having trouble finding a unique gift, engraving your friend or family’s initials, or adding a personal message to any item is a great way to make an impact with your present. Silver picture frames are one of the best ways to achieve this. The sleek elegance of a silver or gold picture frame will not only match anyone’s personal style but allows you to add a picture with meaning behind it with words that go along with the moment. If you cannot pick just one picture to give, a photo album is a great alternative. An album is the perfect wedding gift or present for someone you are close with. A glass beer mug is another easy way to engrave a present for someone, especially if you are shopping for a man and is something that they are sure to get a lot of use out of. The lists of things you could have engraved are endless. From paperweights to clocks and towels there is something to meet everyone’s needs. 

      Help Me Organize! Get Me A Charging Valet

      Grace: The one thing I can’t stand about technology (besides all the troubleshooting) is all those wires laying around!  I always get my cellphone charger confused and tangled with my sister’s charger, which, in turn, is always caught on my iPod charger.  I love all my gadgets, but the mess they make is almost not worth it.  I actually dread when I have to charge something, opening that drawer full of wires and chargers and weeding through it.

      However, I found this Charging Valet that would make for a great orginizational gift.  It has a power strip in the back that lets you keep all your chargers organized and ready for when you need them.  Everything has its own little space, which keeps your gadgets (and wires) from getting tangled.  I also love that with this Charging Valet, I won’t have to worry about where I put my charging cellphone.  Normally, I just plug it into any outlet, including one on the floor, and just leave it there until it’s done.  Unfortunately, I usually can’t remember where I put it!  This is a great gift for someone who is sick of tangled wires and just wants to get organized!

      Dan: Before now I have never heard about a charging valet before.  You make a valid point and this organizational gift would be a great help!  When I was confronted with the same problem, I ended up using twisty-ties, absolutely not as effective as the valet would be.

      I NEED to get Organized!

      Dan: I am really starting to feel the squeeze of college right before Thanksgiving as all my professors try to get as much done as possible before break.  Unfortunately, when you multiply that by five professors all trying to do the same thing the effect is not pleasant.  In due part, I find myself digging through papers, trying to find previous assignments and informational packets.  For the most part, I am quite organized in retrospect of previous semesters, but I am still having a difficult time.  I could really use an organizational system such as a filing cabinet to get my classes together.  For someone like me it would make a wonderful and useful gift.

      I could make a drawer a single subject or class (or a file a single subject or class).  Then I can additionally add subsets to the courses such as assignments, notes, and exams.  For the time being I will make due, but if you know someone who has many things to keep track of and does not have the equipment to do it…this is the perfect gift.  It is proven that organization reduces stress and can enhance your productivity.  Many people question how important being organized really is.  It really is that important when it comes down to those rare moments when you need that certain item and cannot find it.

      Grace: Dan, I completely agree with this gift.  I’ve always talked about getting some kind of desk or filing cabinet for school, but I’ve never gotten around to it and really regret not buying one.  Although many schools provide desks, there’s no such thing as too much organization!  The best thing about these set of drawers is that you can use them after college too, since they look so nice.  I would definitely recommend them as a gift!

      Printing Perfect

      Dan: During the summer before entering into my freshman year in college, my parents took me to Staples to find an appropriate printer for my dorm.  Today, there are even more printing and copying choices and it has only been a little over two full calendar years.  However, the two biggest distinctions between printers are whether or not they use ink or are laser printers.  We ended up buying a laser printer due to their cost effective nature; however, if you have a more creative major or career and need color, than a printer using ink would be the better choice.

      My samsung ML series printer was a great gift to me from my parents.  My printer has never, let me repeat that, never let me down.  It has never had a paper jam, software problems, etc and has always been trustworthy and most importantly reliable.  The printer itself was between forty and fifty dollars with the toner cartridges costing around sixty dollars.  Sixty dollars might sound terrible, but when one cartridge lasts for more than a year it is actually a steal than having to replace ink cartridges.  If you have a child entering into college or are considering helping out a friend at home or at work then consider a Samsung printer.  It is a necessity in today’s busy world and makes a wonderful and useful gift.

      Grace: As someone who does not have a printer at school, I cannot even begin to tell you how useful they are and what a great gift one would be for someone who doesn’t have one, especially if they’re in college.  Finding a reliable printer is incredibly difficult these days and nobody wants to giving someone a gift that will cause them endless stress and grief, so it’s definitely worthwhile to do your research first.  Samsung printers are known for their reliability and good quality, so I, too, would recommend giving one as a gift.

      Posters are not just for College

      Dan: There is a stigma that exists that posters only exist for decorating college dorms and trashy establishments.  However, I find that posters can really personalize any space whether it is the office or your house.  I am in love with music and really nerdy cartoons and books.  Therefore, in order to express the inner geek that I am, I decorate my apartment with streams of guitar posters and star wars models.  I like doing this because it really makes my part of the apartment my own domain.  I feel as if everyone should be true to themselves and do what I did!

      This is why I think posters make absolutely excellent gifts.  If you have a friend or family member that you know really well, give them something that shows you know them for who they really are!

      Grace: I could really use a poster or two because my dorm room is so empty.  I completley agree that posters make great gifts.  They really add a nice touch to any room, whether it’s a dorm room or just a room in your house.  There are so really nice print-outs of interesting designs and paintings that, when framed, add a very unique, decorative style.  This is a great gift idea!

      Shoes are Dangerous

      Dan: There is a stigma out there that guys do not really care about what kind of shoes they wear. That is somewhat true for me because I wear a pair of sneakers until they fall apart on my feet, but I love getting shoes. Part of the reason is because I wait so long to get a new pair, but shoes are great! Anything from sandals to sneakers and dress shoes; they really make me feel good. Shoes make a great gift!

      My mom just bought me a new pair of sneakers and a new pair of dress shoes. My dress shoes are from a company called Mephisto from Europe, and they are really comfortable men’s dress shoes. They require a lot of care but they are extremely comfortable. Most dress shoes are rock hard and leave your feet looking like swiss cheese at the end of the day, but these are different. The exact dress shoe that I received as a gift from my parents are the Lorenzo line. They are sleek, simple and black. I needed a great pair of dress shoes because before that I only had clog-like brown shoes. I am set up now. Mephisto does not only make dress shoes but offers a wider array of walking type shoes. They are all really fashionable and feel great on your feet which is the most important part of a shoe, right? If you are looking for comfort and great style go with Mephisto for either yourself or someone you’re close to

      Grace: I never really thought about giving men shoes as gifts, but now that i think of it, it makes sense!  As a woman, of course I love shoes, but I’m always really picky about them.  If they don’t fit perfectly, I don’t bother buying them.  This is something I would keep in mind when buying shoes as a gift; just because the shoe is the correct size doesn’t mean it will necessarily fit comfortably.  However, every man does need a good pair of dress shoes!

      The Most Useful Portfolio

      Dan: This coming school year I will find myself listening to the same speeches from the University of Delaware career center that I did when I was a freshman. “Be presentable, talk slowly and alliterate, study before hand…” when talking to representatives from all the large and unattainable corporations. As a student and having been to career fairs, what they do not tell you is that you need a presentable and quick way to write down important information during the process.

      I have learned that it is very hard to look graceful when trying to write down information and take out your important resume at the same time. This is why I bought a Foray Leather Bifold Padfolio. It is a presentable leather portfolio that allows you to take out your resume, cover letter, letter of recommendation etc. and write down important information such as contact numbers simultaneously. In addition to its uses, it looks “presentable” and really tells the representative that you came prepared. It has come to my aid plenty of times, and any of my peers at school would agree.

      I want to now share a few resources on the business interviewing process that are truly great. One way to prepare for an interview/talk to a business representative is to anticipate their questions. If you look at what they might need to know about you, you will not be so surprised as to the responses you will have to give in return. The Virginia Tech career center’s home page has a lot of great information about interviewing. Everything from dining etiquette to speech is covered on their site and has really guided me through this process while at school.

      Trying to get an internship or a job is becoming harder and harder every day. Some jobs more than others have become slim pickings due to the current state of the economy therefore inadvertently making the interview process even more of a challenge!

      If there is someone you know who has to deal with these difficult events, ease the process with the Foray portfolio. It is a gift that will continuously come in handy and will never be neglected. Unless that is; you land that DREAM JOB!

      Grace: As someone who freaks out during interviews, I have to say that I think Dan’s gift is a great idea. The last thing I need during an interview is for papers to be flying all over the place. The portfolio also looks very professional and organized. I also really liked the interview advice! Unlike Dan, I don’t speak very eloquently and get really nervous, so I really needed those tips!