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Plenty of Fish in the Sea

While I have always been a pet and animal lover myself, giving a living present is often a risky idea. No matter how cute your friends or family may find your new puppy, it does not necessarily mean they are ready for the responsibility that goes along with them. A safer gift however to give any animal lover is a fish tank. A fish tank is perfect for any budget big or small as you could go all out with a large tank, or keep it simple with a sleek bowl. For a man it is often best to stray away from the more delicate looking fish and instead look for small cat sharks or other similar types that adapt well to aquariums. It is the tropical fish however that have always caught my eye. The gorgeous colors and relaxing feel provided by a fish tank is a great way to warm up a house or apartment. If you are looking for a smaller gift, simply find a glass vase and fill it with natural stones and flowers with a small fish such as a beta fish, which requires minimum effort. They also now make fish tanks that can even be mounted onto the wall if you want something truly unique. A gift card to your local pet store is also a great addition.

    The Pet Staircase

    Dan: I come from a home that has always kept at least one pet. When I was a child we even had three dogs at the same time; two golden retrievers, Bronze and Zorro, and a beagle named Rusty. They have passed now :-( but we have a wonderful Russian blue named Pua! I have been asked time and time again whether or not I am a dog person or a cat person. To be totally honest I love both and would welcome almost any type of pet (with the exception of spiders…I can’t get over poison/fangs/hanging from ceilings parts).

    My cat Pua!

    My cat Pua!

    Different families approve of different pet behavior, but we allow our cat to crawl into anyone’s bed if she so chooses at night. However, now that she is middle aged, arthritis holds her back from jumping into bed. She continuously wakes everyone up at night meowing and crying for someone to pick her up and put her in bed. So, a couple months ago my family and I purchased the best solution to our problem, a mini staircase. Made by a company named Hammacher Schlemmer, the staircase is suitable for any pet of 100 lbs or less. Now she has no problem hopping up onto any bed in the house when she wants! It is a great gift for the pet lover and the pet as it provides a helping hand. Allow yourself to be woken up no more in the middle of the night!

    As a side note, I highly recommend any and all people to get a pet of some kind. Studies and research have shown that the companion and love of a pet is a great stress reliever. In today’s modern age there seems to be not enough time for anything. The modern age has made too many things possible, and a pet around the house provides a loving connection and a release from everyday life. Some people do not want to invest in a pet because of the constant care that they require. I have to agree and disagree. You may find yourself wanting to forget about letting your dog outside time and time again but the pros outweigh the cons in the end.

    The staircase has been a great purchase for my family and will make a great gift for any pet loving individual!

    Grace: I cannot believe Dan doesn’t like yogurt; it is inconceivable and he’s probably going to get a urinary track infection from lack of yogurt and I’ll get to say “I told you so!”  However, I am willing to forgive him because his cat is just SO CUTE; I may just steal her!  My dog, Max, is far too big for the pet staircase or any kind of nighttime cuddling (he’s a giant black lab), but I love the idea of giving someone a gift for an older pet.  Max is already 12 years old and I can see how difficult it is for him to move around to be with us.  A gift like this touches more than one living being, and isn’t that the most important thing?