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A Day at the Slopes

As the snow finally begins to fall why not take advantage of the cool winter weather when buying a present. Depending on who you are buying for, a ski lift pass is great for anyone who actually snowboards, skis or simply loves to try new things. If they are little less adventurous snow tubing is a great alternative and with this they are sure to have a blast. It is a great gift to give to your whole family or even to a few of your friends so you can all enjoy it together. A great way to go about doing this is to purchase a Powder Passport for your friends or family. It is a pass that can be used on 16 different mountains all across the northeast and is fully unrestricted. This allows the person to pick both when and where they want to use up their gift and if you purchase multiple days they can be used all at once or spread out throughout the season. This multi-mountain access pass features some of the best mountains across the area. This is a present that your loved ones are sure you enjoy!

    Get in the Game

    Now with hockey season in full swing and the much anticipated winter game, sport, or rather hockey paraphernalia is the perfect gift for any fan. If you are looking for something different to give however, and want to stay away from the typical jersey, gifts made from actual hockey sticks are sure to stand out. In fact, one site online in particular specializes in finding innovative ways to use hockey sticks and uses them to create practically all products imaginable. This includes anything ranging from chairs and lamps to picture frames and even a headboard. The site even offers the option to customize any order based on size and color and will even all you to create your own design, making it the perfect way to personalize any gift. If you know anyone who truly lives for this aggressive sport, this site was made for them. It will allow them to remain in the game even after the season comes to a close. 

      The Perfect Tailgate

      With college football games intensifying and the big games coming up, there are few people who could resist a good tailgate. Tailgates are a great way to spend time with friends and family and work up excitement before the game. Tailgating related presents are great for either anyone with season tickets or who enjoys a good game. Everyone knows that a good tailgate is not complete without the food. The NCAA football grill is the perfect present to give for the occasion. The grill is small and easily portable and is shaped like a football, complete with the logo of your favorite sports team. Various barbeque sauces is a great addition to give with this gift as well. If you are simply going to a tailgate of your friend or family member and are looking for something to bring, pick up a cooler and fill it with ice and their favorite beer before heading over and it will be a guaranteed hit. 

        Take Me Out to the Ball Game

        Now with the World Series officially at an end, websites and stores alike are filled with an endless amount of Yankees and Phillies paraphernalia. This leaves you with a huge variety of gifts to give to all of your sports addicted friends and family members. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box though when it comes to sports, as there is far more to give other than the typical jersey. For instance DVD’s of classic sports plays and games, like the Phillies or Yankees vintage World Series films, are something a true fan will never get sick of watching. An autographed baseball by their favorite player is another perfect gift that they are sure to cherish forever. Simply put it in a case and you can be sure that it will be displayed around their house to be showed off to all of their friends and family. If this is a little out of your league pricing wise, a signed print or photograph from a game is usually more reasonably priced but still has the same effect. If you are buying for a younger sports fan, MLB flatheads are anther alternative and a great addition for any sports room. 

          For Those With A Lead Foot

          We all know at least one guy that embodies the typical male stereotype and loves anything fast. For any guys, or girls for that matter, that exude this sense of adventure why not take advantage of this when searching for a present. A great present for those who feel the need for speed is a planned day at a NASCAR driving track that allows you to actually get behind the wheel yourself. They put you through a training session and then give you the opportunity to drive the professional racecars for yourself around the track. This is a great thing to do with a friend, so if you are up for it, be sure to sign yourself up for it too. If the idea of driving the car seems a little too intimidating, you also have the option to be a passenger, where you can still get the full experience. My cousin was given this as a gift by his wife and even today it is all he talks about. It is truly an amazing experience. If you are located near a city a lot of places also offer Dream Car Tours where you are put behind the wheel of five of your ultimate fantasy cars for the day and allowed to hit the road. So buckle up!

            The Fastest Way to a Man’s Heart is His Stomach

            It’s true what they say; the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. When you have exhausted all sports presents, you can never go wrong with grilling accessories. After all what guy doesn’t love grilling? It is easy to find a basic grill and barbeque tool set at any local store and will work perfectly when placed in a basket with various seasonings and a cookbook or even an apron. Another way to personalize the gift even more and combine the things guys love the most is to add a sports team grill cover. My favorite ones have got to be the NFL teams where the cover resembles an actual jersey. For the master grillers who already have everything personalized branding irons are perfect. The irons can be ordered in the guys favorite sports team or even their initials that can add a little extra flair to the meat. Even for the grillers who truly do have everything there is never such a thing as too much food. Right before the party or you give the gift just stop by and pick up some of his favorite meat and make sure to save up room for dinner- yum!

              For Those Who Have Everything

              For me at least, guys have always been difficult to shop for, especially those who have everything. After years of disappointing or never used gifts I have finally found the solution. As long as you know the guy’s favorite team or sport you can never go wrong with tickets. If you’re unsure about what game would be right a concert is another perfect gift. Just arrange for fake plans for the night to make sure that he’s available. In the past I have also wrapped up a CD of the band or musician with a promise for tickets for whichever show works best with his schedule. This isn’t to say that tickets don’t make great gifts for girls as well. Tickets show the time and thought that was put into the gift and are guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

                Who is Watching Tennis?

                Dan: My favorite sport to watch besides football is surprisingly tennis.  Having grown up playing the sport I respect the skill and talent necessary to be decent, not even the best in the world.  Tonight is the finals for the U.S. Open between Andy Murray and Roger Federer and I cannot wait to watch it.  It might just beat out Monday night football!  Tennis is not a sport that you have to be the best at to have fun.  Throwing all the competition aside it can be fun just to play off of a wall by yourself or by hitting a few balls with a friend.  Most cities and towns have free pubic courses that you can use, so do not think that tennis is an exclusive sport like golf is.

                A great gift idea is a tennis racquet.  There is a wide variety of different types of racquets based on the composites and alloys that they are made of, the diameter of the racquet, the type of grip, and of course, how it looks.  The best three brands of tennis racquets are Prince, Wilson, and Head.  I grew up on Prince, had a Head in high school, and am enjoying my Wilson racquet now.  I prefer lighter ones now, but heavier racquets are good for players who want to have greater forehands and backhands with less velocity on their swing.  With a few easy lessons, or just by yourself, you can pick up tennis.  It is tricky at first but is not something that requires paid instruction.  So I recommend getting out of the house and to start playing tennis because it really is a life long sport.

                Grace: Tennis is just one of those sports that no matter what age or what skill level you are, it’s always fun to play.  I completely agree with Dan on this gift idea; a tennis racquet is a very useful thing to have just in case.  I’m not kidding when I say you don’t have to be good to play tennis; I took tennis lessons forever, but I always have the most fun when I play with my friends who have little experience.  Just remember that a young child will out-grow theirs in a few years, so I wouldn’t recommend buying the most expensive one for just a casual player who is still growing.