A Mouth Watering Treat

With the holidays coming up, everyone’s sweet tooth seems to be in full gear. After all, who can really resist all of the tempting Halloween goodies or Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts? Keeping this in mind, great presents to give, or receive for that matter, are decorated chocolate and caramel apples. These apples are easy to make or buy; depending on how creative you want to be or how much time you have. You can either stick with the traditional caramel coated apples or dip them in chocolate, or even do both. To be in with the Halloween spirit you can also easily find orange colored chocolate to dip the apples into and then decorate them with dark chocolate drizzles or even with a pumpkin face. Coating them in sprinkles or nuts are also sure to make them mouth watering. Them simply wrap them up using ribbon or sheer bags and they are great to bring as a thank you present or just to show you are thinking about someone.

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