Gift for Sushi-Lovers

Grace: Like most people, I am SOOOO excited for the holiday season!  Unfortunately, this year I won’t be able to celebrate the new year with my family since I’ll be studying abroad.  Every year, my mom makes a huge Japanese feast that includes home-made sushi and other Japanese goods.

Although sushi looks like it’s really easy to make, it’s actually really difficult and ordering sushi is quite expensive.  However, if you know someone who loves sushi and either wants to experiment in making their own or is willing to order some, a great gift for sushi lovers is this simple, sushi platter for two.  This platter has a very contemporary feel to it and has indents for soy sauce and 2 sets of chopsticks.  A large part of Japanese cooking is presentation, and this platter is definitely and elegant way to display your food!

Dan: Wow what a really beautiful Japanese sushi platter!  I love Japanese food so I am always spending too much taking out when I am too lazy to cook.  Sometimes, I know for big parties people spend around $30 or more for one of the sushi platters.  However, they come on distasteful paper platters.  If you had this official platter you can just transfer the items!  It is truly great.

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