With the start of a New Year come the inevitable promises of New Years resolutions. A great way to encourage your friends or family members in their newfound goals and to show that you care and support them is to give them a small present, just to say you are thinking of them. An organizer or planner for example is a great gift, that they are sure to get plenty of use out of. Depending on your loved ones needs you can personalize the gift and find the perfect planner for them. Whether it is business oriented or an academic planner, or even one designed for keeping track of social events or housekeeping, there is something for everyone. While not surprising, each year more than half of all resolutions made involve dieting or exercise in some way. If this was your goal too, it is always easier to stay focused when working with friends. With friends, exercising can actually becomes fun and not something that you may otherwise dread. You can exchange small gifts before you begin to give each other some extra encouragement. Something simple like a new yoga mat or a fun colored water bottle are perfect for something like this. You could also all agree to put money aside for every week of your diet and at the end of a set amount of weeks plan to put the money towards a weekend getaway for you and your friends, where you can finally show off all of your hard work. 

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