Guide to Girls

Shopping for girls is a difficult and often challenging task. Although there is no true “technique” to find the perfect gift for a woman, we have tried to come up with a simple mental checklist for you. There are many factors to consider before looking for a gift such as age, relationship, personality, etc. Sometimes you will not be able to find that perfect gift, but most times you can get extremely close!


You may think that getting a gift for a little girl is an easy task, but think again. Do not automatically assume that every girl wants a Barbie doll for the holidays or their birthday. Everyone has their own individualistic personality and the stereotypical Barbie might turn out to be a waste of money and time. Instead, listen to what she has to say and look at her favorite toys. Usually you can derive new gift ideas from old toys that have been a hit! When shopping, do not automatically go to the girl’s aisle. Please take the time to check out gender neutral toys and even the boys section for gifts that can be original and fun!

The Teenage Years

As you probably already know this is a very difficult and sometimes dangerous age for girls. At this time in their lives girls are struggling to fit in at school and are going through many different emotional stages. The last thing you should do as a gift giver is to think of them as your little girl. Gifts that were once a hit may no longer appeal to them. Just remember that they want to be fashion forward and style conscious individuals. You should listen to their suggestions or what is currently in style, but keep in mind that they are still growing and the gift should be age appropriate. To be honest, every gift you are going to buy for a teenage girl is not going to be a hit, but that is ok! It is better to make an effort and fail than to simply give up and go with cash or a gift certificate.

Young Woman

Young women have their own defined styles at this point in their lives. Gifts such as clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc should be of higher quality and typically in a higher price range. However, this means that you should not jump on the latest fashion trend believing that it will be an appropriate gift. Many young women today are very busy and have scheduled lives and may want something that can be worn at home and the office. If all else fails, just talk to them so you can get a sense of what they are looking for. Quality and practicality are key!

Mature Women

At this age, it’s hard to generalize the common woman into a single group. Some women still want trendy, expensive gifts while others may want something from the heart without the high price tag. You really need to know the character of the women you are shopping for. This will determine the type of gift you will end up giving her. Keep in mind their age; some women at this point in their lives have seen their fair share of jewelry, cards, clothes, etc and could be yearning for something unique and different. Not all gifts have to be materialistic; sometimes a trip or a show is all they want or need.

Significant Other

When buying for your significant other, do not fall into the cutesy trap. Women love fluffy things, flowers, and chocolate, but that does not mean it is appropriate for every occasion. There are only so many boxes of chocolate they can eat. BE ORIGINAL! Everyone is different and as their significant other you should know her best. Trust your instinct and try to associate the gift with something truly unique to their personality.

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