Guide to Guys

Guys may seem easy to shop for, but it may be harder than you think to get them a quality gift. There are definitely the stereotypical “guy gifts”, such as tools and sporting equipment, which can be good gifts, but there is a wider selection than many people think.


We’ll be honest, it is pretty easy to shop for little boys. Like shopping for girls, it is important to really listen to what he is interested in. Look at what he watches on television, what books he reads, what he draws on construction paper, and what he talks about in everyday conversation. Based off of that, you should be able to get a general idea of what he would enjoy as a gift. If all else fails, little boys enjoy running around outside, so any toys relating to physical activity usually work. Also, toys such as model rockets are great because they encourage a stronger parent-child relationship.

Teenage Boys

This is kind of a gray area for gift-giving. By the time they reach this age, most boys have developed ascertainable and clear interests. Some boys may love playing computer games, while others want to play basketball. This being said, take the time to investigate new gifts and products that fit their interests. For example, if he loves playing computer games, you don’t want to get him one that’s 3 years old. You may not think that items, such as clothing, are as important to a teenage boy as they are to a teenage girl. However, this is a common misconception. Even boys are subject to ridicule by their peers. We do not recommend always buying clothing as a gift, but it is something to consider.

Young Men

To be honest, the best way to come up with gift ideas for men this age is to ask them. If you can’t ask them, try talking to someone who knows them very well. For a man who is living on his own, a housewarming gift may be of order. A good example of this is a grill, or something that is practical and can be used for many years to come. You may think that shirts and ties make for good gifts, but in reality most men want to pick out their own clothing, especially dress clothes, even if they are not fashion forward (like Dan).

Older Men

Men in this age group are not picky about their gifts at all. All that matters is the effort and the thought. If you have your heart set on a materialistic gift, we would recommend something practical. For example, if he has been complaining about the television, a great gift would be to buy him a new one, because chances are he’s never going to do it himself. But, older men also enjoy trips and fun activities. To plan a trip or event really shows him that you care.

Significant Other

The perfect gift for your significant other is a combination between something they want and something from the heart. This can either be one gift or multiple gifts combined to recognize the relationship you have. For example, concert tickets to his favorite band but also a separate picture frame containing lyrics from a song that symbolizes your relationship is one of many great ideas.

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