A Silver Obsession

As you may have noticed, I have quite the obsession with sterling silver jewelry and have always been drawn to it. Ever since I was younger silver has appealed to me more so than anything else, including gold. Silver to me represents something youthful and elegant. It is something that can be paired with any outfit or accessory, and doesn’t have the same limitations that gold jewelry does. I have also always loved the modern sleek feel of silver, and can now not walk out the door without it. Because of all of this, silver jewelry is perfect to pick when choosing a present. Sterling silver bracelets are great to give if you do not know the person as well or if you can just never guess their style. One of my favorite pieces is a silver coil bracelet. Not only is it an entirely handcrafted bracelet but the simplicity and clean lines of it give it a sense of sophistication that is not easily achieved. The contemporary feel of the bracelet is sure to fit in perfectly with anyone’s jewelry collection and be a guaranteed hit.      

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