A Simplistic Design

Every year since college, a few of my closest friends and I have been exchanging small gifts for the holidays. We set a budget of no more than $20 for each person and instead focus on small things that we know each other will love. While I normally end up buying a different present for each friend, as we all have drastically different styles and taste, this year I found the perfect gift that I know they will all enjoy. I found the perfect handcrafted necklaces that are not only at a reasonable price that fits our budget, but that come in a variety of colors and patterns as well. Each necklace is composed of a ceramic pendant that is hand painted with geometric shapes that subtly represent the traditions and culture of Peru. While this artisan jewelry is a simply idea, it has a loud voice that is sure to draw compliments. In addition to this, it truly is the wide variety and simplicity of the necklace that makes it the perfect gift to give to anyone. For my more contemporary and modern friend, the black and white ceramic circle necklace fits her personality to a tee, while the vibrant blue pendant of another is perfect for my friend who is adventurous and always the life of any party. 

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