Last Minute Gifts

For those of you who are still in search of some last minute Christmas presents, just remember, that it is never too late. An easy gift to give to someone when you are out of time is a gift-card. While gift-cards may seem overdone or impersonal, it is all about finding one to the perfect place. A gift-card that you can be guaranteed anyone will love, is one to Tikanchay. The site features handcrafted jewelry that originates entirely from Peru. After discovering this site I cannot seem to brag about it enough, and I feel like my descriptions cannot do it justice- it is something that you truly must experience for yourself. A gift-card here is unique and allows you to put extra thought into a gift, even at the last minute. The vast variety of jewelry coupled with the quality and intricate details on each item make their jewelry the perfect match for anyone. Shipping from Tikanchay is also free, making it hard to resist purchasing an item. Even if you spotted the perfect silver necklace or bracelet for your friend or family member but don’t have enough time, you can simply print out a picture of the piece of jewelry and place it in a box with a card stating that it’s on its way. The Peruvian jewelry found at Tikanchay, all has a story behind it. On the card, make sure to share the meaning behind the jewelry, as this is a great way to personalize any present. For instance, my favorite meaning is the one behind the Sterling Silver Huayruro Seed Necklace. The seeds used here are all gathered from the floors of Peru and are known by the natives to ward off negative energy and bring good fortune; a great meaning for anyone starting a new job, moving or even to anyone as a symbol to usher in the new year.

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