A Night on Broadway

When I think back to past presents that I have received the ones that I have enjoyed the most are always the ones that are more than just materialistic gifts but actually let you create an experience. They allow you to enjoy the gift with your friend or loved one and create memories that will last longer than any item that you could purchase. Broadway or off Broadway tickets are a great thing to buy for anyone, young or old, male or female. I recently saw Avenue Q and would see it again or recommend it to any of my friends in a heartbeat. The show is filled with humor and is sure to put in you an automatic good mood and keep you laughing the entire time. The shows unique premise and ideas are unlike anything else. The play uses puppets to share the story of recent college graduates living in New York using songs and adult humor that will keep you entertained. With all of the shows that are available there is something for everyone regardless of your personal taste and style. While the price tag that is associated with Broadway may immediately scare people off or seem intimidating, most shows will offer special deals or promotions that will lessen the price. Off Broadway plays also often offer the same experience but for a smaller price and often in a location closer to you, opening up more options. 

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