Snuggle Up

While is may initially appear as a somewhat ridiculous or silly gift, a snuggie is in fact the perfect present for the cold winter weather. I too, was originally hesitant about owning or using a snuggie but after enjoying it once, it has become more used more than any other blanket lying around my house. It is perfect for curling up on the couch after a long day at work, to do anything from watching a movie to reading or eating. The arm sleeves and neckline allow you to continue moving about as much as you like while still staying under the warmth and comfort of the blanket. It is also great for people of all ages. After falling in love with it myself I could not resist buying one for my mother and 8-year-old cousin. Needless to say, they too have become hooked. The soft fleece and color options make this the perfect gift to give to all of your friends and family members, as it is both inexpensive and instantly ready to give to anyone. If you wanted to give something extra you could always include a collection of classic movies and books as well.

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