A List of Her Gift Ideas

We are a group of friends who have spent close to a half century laughing together, caring for one another through thick and thin and of course, celebrating together.  There are lots of opportunities for gift giving in the course of a friendship and we’ve gotten pretty good at choosing “just the right thing” for one another.  This blog began as A LIST OF HER GIFT IDEAS because that’s what I used to be teased about all the time by the ladies…my list of gift ideas is what we were talking about but we decided a more generic name would be better understood so here we are: A Guide to Gift Giving.  Just like we always have in real life, we keep our eyes open for great ideas and we share them with you along with our thoughts on just who would appreciate each of our choices.  We hope you enjoy our picks and that some of them come in useful as you celebrate with your friends, too.

P.S. You will see that we have recommended Handcrafted Jewelry as one of our favorite things to give on more than one occasion. We should tell you right now that we have a special loyalty to the artisans of Peru which is why we often choose a unique jewelry gift as an idea for a special woman.

P.S.S. We have just posted a tip on gift giving on our newest favorite social media site all about knowing what to choose when you buy her a gift.

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