Painting Kit

Grace: Even though I’m a math major, I decided this semester that I needed to take something completely different, so I signed up for a painting class.  I used to paint when I was much younger, but I forgot how much fun and how relaxing painting could be.  A great gift idea for someone would be a painting kit.

I remember getting my first watercolor kit when I was still in elementary school and it was such a fun and creative gift!  I used to paint with it all the time and I even used it in high school for school projects.  The nice thing about watercolor is that they aren’t particularly difficult to clean.  A little bit of paint goes a long way with these, so even though I received my set as a gift when I was younger, I still had plenty of paint years later.

For someone who is older, I would recommend an oil paint kit as a unique gift.  I love painting with oils because you can go over them and change your painting if you don’t like it, unlike painting with watercolors.  However, the paints themselves and the paint thinner or turpentine used are all toxic, so this isn’t something I would recommend giving to a young child.  Not to mention, oils stain clothes and skin.

Dan: Unfortunately, I have never been artistically gifted and cannot draw or paint beyond the skill of an elementary school child.  On the other hand, my older sister was/is very into painting and drawing; her artwork is scattered all over our house.  She received a painting kit from parents years ago and she still uses it to this day.  If you really want to express yourself through paint I recommend getting a quality painting kit.  If you know someone artistic or someone who wants to start painting this is a wonderful gift!

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