Questions to Start Great Conversations

We all have that friend or those family members who always love to entertain and be the hostess. When selecting a present for them you might as well take advantage of this and give them something that you know they will get plenty of use out of. Table Topics is a great, unique gift for anyone. They are similar to the conversation starters you may find at some restaurants, but are available in a seemingly endless amount of themes. Their topics range anywhere from book club to dinner party and even teen. They come in small clear cubes filled with cards and are then decorated in fun and playful patterns and colors. They are perfect to simply leave out on your coffee table when having friends over or even to entertain you during a long car ride or when sitting in a waiting room. The “Girls Night Out” addition is the perfect present to give to your friends as a small holiday gift. If you are looking for something extra to give to your significant other, the “Couples” addition is a great thoughtful present and includes questions such as, “what possession of your partner’s would you like to throw away.” With the endless selection of items available you are guaranteed to find something for anyone, no matter the occasion, as there are cards specialized for even a bachelorette party and going to college. These creative questions are also available on napkins, coasters and even placemats. This year I couldn’t resist buying these for my friends and family members and even purchased one for myself as well. 

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