A Basket of Goodies

A great way to give a gift for any occasion to someone is to select a theme and pick various smaller presents relating to it and put it into a basket. This gift is not only fun for the person to open but also to make. For instance we all know at least one person with that caffeine addiction, so find a giant mug and fill it with specialty coffee beans, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop and biscotti. For anyone who enjoys a bottle of wine with dinner, a basket filled with specialty wine, wine glasses and cheese is hard to resist. My Mom has always loved to take a bath as her way to escape from work and a long day and would always love a gift compiled of bubble bath, bath salts, and various lotions and candles. You can also throw in their favorite magazine or a new book. If you are scrunched on time stores such as Bath & Body Works sell prepackaged baskets that will do the trick. This is also a great idea for anyone who is about to travel. Just fill a backpack with a camera, suntan lotion, and a journal and they will be ready to go. Kids will love this idea too and will be ecstatic with the idea of getting more than one present. With gift baskets you can find something for anyone and it is easy to personalize and to include their favorite things or even inside jokes. 

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