Money Money Money

Regardless of the age, profession or style of the person you are buying a gift for, a wallet is something that no person can be without. A brown or black leather wallet is a great present to give to any man and it is hard to go wrong when it comes time to selecting one. If you want to personalize the wallet you can also easily have their initials etched into the side. Another simple way to add something to the present is to select a wallet with picture inserts in it and fill it with a picture of both of you. Silver money clips are another thing that no man should be without. Wallets or checking books make a great gift for women as well. While your options may seem endless and rather intimidating, figure out what their favorite brand or store is and you are sure to pick something out that they will love. A tradition that my family, and I’m sure others, always follow is to put a dollar into any purse or wallet before giving it as a present for good luck. 

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