The Perfect Thinking of You Gift

There are a few things that you can never seem to have too much of, and for me jewelry is definitely at the top of my list, if you haven’t been able to tell already from my recent posts. A new favorite piece of mine that I cannot keep to myself is an earth tone spondylus shell necklace. The spodylus shell is unique and sure to stand out from any other piece of jewelry that you may own for find. The shell not only embodies a natural beauty but has meaning and a history behind it as well. The shell is native to the deep bodies of water surrounding Peru and was recently used to symbolize peace between Peru and Ecuador and has been considered for centuries to bring unity and understanding. This handcrafted necklace makes the perfect gift for any occasion or simply as a thinking of you present. Give the gift to a loved one and fill a card with the meaning behind the piece of handcrafted jewelry. The distinctive amber coloring of the spodylus shell is sure to attract attention from all generations. The sterling silver lining adds a modern touch and allows the jewelry to be matched with any other accessory or outfit. 

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